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Creation Date: July 16th, 2007 05:15 AM
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In Moot Member Blogs A Dark Imperium, Part 2. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #16 New May 19th, 2016 12:04 AM
Setting rules for the variant...

Systems - Several sectors are being cribbed from Traveller sources.

The Imperium is a Human dominated evil empire - not quite star wars level, but evil for far longer. Centuries. Anagathics and Vilani genetics combine to put emperors on the throne for multiple centuries.

Big Map

Spinward Marches*Deneb§Trailing Marches
Crucis Margin*
RiftedgeVegaLey Sector*Maranatha-Alkahest*
AslanSolomani Rim*(mixed Solomani/Hiver)

*Indicates will use stock one
§Indicates will not be the stock sector.

Core will NOT be Sylea! Capital will be Vland itself.

The Marches will have been settled only for a few hundred years by Imperials.
The Rift sector will run up the Coreward March and halfway through core. Core will have ONE main running across it.

Biggest ships will be 7200 Td. (That's ganged Z's)

Worlds will be on the low-trade model.

Nobles exist in powerful feudal pacts. Sector Dukes (Archdukes) have the ability to raise and enthrone barons as well as knights. The Emperor creates Marquis, Counts and Dukes upon the advice of the sector moot, and personally holds the fealty of the sector Archdukes.

The Imperial Family are Vilani. Line Purity +4. There haven't been that many Emperors.

Humans use the standard aging table from CT, modified by the aging mod from the following racial purity table:

15Pure Notable Vilani+5
14Pure Vilani+4
13mixed Vilani+3
12mixed Vilani+2
11trace Vilani+1
5-10Minor human+0
2-4Mixed Solomani+1
≤2Pure Solomani+2

2d6 + mods...
+1 if from Core or Deneb, or the coreward half of Vega
+2 if from the Capital Main (in the Core)
–1 if in the Solomani Rim.
–2 if within 10 Pc of Sol
–4 if on Earth.
2 away from 7 (after rolling) if Soc 11+

I'm probably going to make gaining soc above 11 really hard.
permanent titles (rather than honorary ones) cost one +1 soc gain.
Fiefs cost one +1 soc per level of fief, too.
Knights come in grades - Knight Member, Knight Commander, and Knight Grand Commander.
Promotion in the noble career changes: it's 10+, instead of 12+.

SocReward TitlePermanent Titlefief size
16KGC-OIHArchdukeSector Duke*
15KC-OIH or KGC-Go_DukeSubsector Duke* or 1d6+6 hexes
14K-OIH or KC-Go_CountStarport and 1d6+2 hexes
13K-Go or KGC-Oo_Viscountstarport and 1d3 hexes
12KC-Oo_BaronStarport or 1d2 hexes
1K-Oo_Baronette or Bannerette1 hex or minor starport

Subsector Duke fief is duke of the subsector, and gets 1% ownership (to the feif) of all LIC's chartered in the subsector, plus Cr1 per person per annum. He only gets 1-2 hexes on his throneworld, but he has no lack of income. Note, the Dukes collect 3x as much as their share; the archduke has a similar fief, save that it's 3-9 hexes on the throneworld. The other 1% share goes to the Emperor.

Huscarles are similar to Marines for careers.
Every landed baron may raise a company.
A viscount may raise a battalion (3 company)
A count may raise a regiment (3 battalions)
A Duke may raise a brigade of 3 regiments
A subsector duke has the subsector fleet and army
A sector duke has the sector fleet and army.

Huscarles units in the company of their liege are immune to local law.
Huscarles on mission are treated as active imperial forces.

Imperial Ministries (areas):
Ministry of the Army (Army, Flyer, Sailor)
Ministry of the Navy (Navy, Marine)
Ministry of the Survey (Scouts).
Ministry of Colonization
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Information (History, Science,
Ministry of Trade
Ministry of External Affairs (Diplomats)
Ministry of Nonhumans

MoJ, MoC, MoN, MoS, MoT and MoNH all can interdict worlds.

Ministry offices are at every A/B/C starport. A nobleman is assigned as minister - usually a knight bannerette or a baron - with a fief elsewhere. It's forbidden for the fief to be within the see of the office. This is where most hereditary soc 11's go... A typical subsector of 25 worlds will have over 100 such titular nobles in place.

Population Distribution
The actual population distribution of most worlds is NOT the 2d6 curve...

SocPop. ‰Trav. ‰
Note table is already Per Mille... NOT percent. The Travellers collumn is those whom you find going between worlds... the Pop Column is a standard on-world distribution.

This gives the pop median as soc 6. The median traveller is soc 7...
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