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Creation Date: July 16th, 2007 05:15 AM
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  #15 New May 16th, 2016 01:50 PM
My planned ATU...

MegaTraveller characters. Expanded somewhat with house rules. Done, not published nor publishable. (exceeds FUP for quoth material)

Combat system: MT rebuild from the ground up.
Striker Pens, damage = CT dice, margin is "points per die"
Life/Hits as per MT.

Ship design:

lettered drives, 200 rating per letter flat rate.
PP:Td= 1+(3 per letter)MCr=(4 per letter)1 Td per letter per month
stores 6 ppturns per letter
MD:Td= 1+(1 per letter)MCr=(2 per letter)none
AG/IC:Td= 1+(1 per letter)MCr=(1 per letter)None
JD:Td= 5+(5 per letter)MCr=(10 per letter)10% hull per jump
Battery:Td= (2 per letter)MCr=(1 per letter)stores 6 PPturns per letter

Mass for all drives figured at 30 Megagrams per Td.

Bridge: 2%, minimum 5Td (note change), MCr0.5 per ton of bridge.

Armor: will be a volume factor by idealized 1:1:4 rectangle surface area; prefigured based upon Td=(((14 Td)^(2/3))/1400) material factor (taken from WWF&S). Will be a hull table, will have minimums.

Turret weapons and bays (10Td, 50Td, and 100Td); no spinals.

Staterooms: prices and mass as per MT.
Computers: use MT tonnages (vol/13.5) as Td.
Sensors: Simplified to be comparable to computers, in three ratings: PEMS, AEMS, Survey

Crew: use following variant, in this sequence (work down)
Crew TypeRateType of need
Engineer1 per (3 TL) TdMaintenance
Hull1 per 20TL Maintenance
Navigator1 if tonnage 201+Legal & operational
Electronics1 per TL tons, round downMaintenance & operational
Gunners1 per TL tons, round down, min 1 per batteryMaintenance & operational
Admin A: clerks1 per 1000 Td shipadmin
Cargo1 per TL20 tons cargoMaintenance
Ships TroopsNonein for fill-in
Medic1 per 100 crew so farlegal
Steward A1 per TL high passengersduty
Steward B1 per 100 crew so for fill-in
Officers1 per TL crewSupervision
High officers1 per 10 officersSupervision/legal
Steward C1 per TL officers+high officersduty
Admin B: Yeoman1 per high officeradministrative/legal

Everything rounds down, except engineers. Engineers figured two ways: if there is enough drive
Ship's seniormost officer is CO.
VC and XO are separate if 3 high officers, combined if ≤2 HO.
Ship's troops

Power Allocation:
MD: uses 1 per drive letter
AG: uses 1 per drive letter
PP produces 2 per drive letter, can store 1 hour integral
JD requires 5 PP per drive letter to initiate.

Weapons: 1 PP per 250 MW.
Double turrets take 2 tons,
Triple take 3 tons
barbettes take 5 tons
Bays in 10, 50, 100 tons.

Maximum drive size:
TL 9 = AD
+1 = +2 (nomenclatural for >Z not picked)

Ganging: At TL A, 2 drives can be ganged for MD, AG/IC. second adds 100 rating per letter, rather than 200.

At the moment, this is about as concrete as its gotten.
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