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Creation Date: July 16th, 2007 05:15 AM
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In Moot Member Blogs Looking at the Bk5 & Bk2 percentages... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #12 New January 2nd, 2012 08:41 PM
some percentage abstraction - ships over 1000Td ignoring the 10 crew per 1000Td bizarre minimum, which can only exist to make freighters impossible above 1000Td...

Bk2-'81 is more like (3.15+14.45Jn)% plus 17+11Jn Td (CrewPNM +JDrive flat bit +Comp+10Jn in PPFuel)
Breaking it out
2% bridge
3 command crew flat = 12Td
2.5Jn% JDrive + flat 5Td
10Jn% JFuel
1.5Jn% PP plus flat 1Td
1% MDrive plus Flat-1Td
0.15% + 0.45Jn% Engineers
10Jn Flat PP Fuel
Jn Flat Comp

Flat = 5+12+10Jn+Jn = 17+11Jn
Percents 2+2.5Jn+10Jn+1.5Jn+1+0.45Jn+0.15=3.15+14.45Jn

Bk5 non-military
Maneuver drive 2% and 0.08% Crew Quarters
Jump Drive (Jn+1)% Drive, 10% fuel, 0.04(Jn+1) quarters
PP TL9 3Jn% plant, Jn% fuel 0.12Jn% quarters
PP TL13: 2Jn% plant, Jn% Fuel 0.08Jn% quarters
PP TL15 Jn% Plant, Jn% Fuel, 0.04Jn% quarters
Bridge 2% bridge, 5/1000Td crew=0.005*4= 2%Quarters
Maint Crew = 1.2% Quarters (3/1000 @ 4Td each)

Summed up
Bk5 TL 9-12 (8.32 + 15.16Jn)%
Bk5 TL 13-14 (8.32 + 14.12Jn)%
Bk5 TL 15 (8.32 + 13.08Jn)%

Bk2 has higher per Jn percents but lower base percents, an a higher base lost to overhead

Bk_ _TL __J1__ __J2__ __J3__ __J4__ __J5__ __J6__
Bk5 __9 23.48% 38.64% 53.80% 覧覧覧 覧覧覧 覧覧覧
Bk5 _13 22.44% 36.56% 50.66% 64.80% 78.92% 覧覧覧
Bk5 _15 21.40% 34.48% 47.56% 60.64% 73.72% 86.80%
Bk2 Any 17.60% 32.05% 46.50% 60.95% 75.40% 89.85%
Bk2 Any +28 Td +39 Td +50 Td +61 Td +72 Td +83 Td
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RSS Feed 4 Responses to "Looking at the Bk5 & Bk2 percentages..."
#4 January 3rd, 2012 10:35 PM
aramis Says:
actually, 1/3 of those in HG are ratings. Any unspecified and uncosted standard crew requirements are pretty bogus for an RPG.
#3 January 3rd, 2012 05:58 PM
far-trader Says:
I dunno, 10 crew (or 5 for a freighter) per 1000tons doesn't seem that unreasonable. As for the Command Crew of HG, they're officers, they don't DO anything I once tried to work out Navy crew salaries based on LBB4 Merc salaries blended with the basic starship salaries, and quickly concluded that like almost everything else in LBB2 the values were out by a factor of 10. My heretical TU envisions dividing much of LBB2 prices by 10, including salaries, fares (which means I can actually go along with the meme that travel is common), and freight rates (so stuff can be shipped for value).
#2 January 3rd, 2012 01:11 PM
aramis Says:
I'd misremembered the number. It's still bizzare, as is the command crew in HG, in not saying what the extras do, so you can't legitimately figure what they earn...
#1 January 3rd, 2012 01:31 AM
far-trader Says:
...ships over 1000Td ignoring the 50 crew per 1000Td bizarre minimum...
50? I recalled a 10 crew per 1000tons in LBB2 but not a 50 crew per 1000tons in CT. Is this somewhere else I'm forgetting? EDIT: Also, I'd have no problem applying the LBB2 "One person may fill two crew positions... " rule to non-combatants, cutting the crew to 5 per 1000tons for simple merchants.

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