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Traveller's Aide Series
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Through the Waves
Traveller's Aide Issue #8

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After walking, boats are one of the first modes of transportation developed. In every single human culture, and most alien cultures, development of watercraft occurs before written history. Boats transport huge loads both faster and more easily than ground transport. In many cases the construction of river or seaworthy craft are the impetus for the creation of the first empires.

Despite the seemingly archaic nature of watercraft in this age of fast grav vehicles, ships of all sizes still perform vital duties, from recreation to research to cargo hauling on worlds throughout the Imperium.

As with previous editions of the Yiarn Caardee catalogs to appear in the Traveller's Aide, this edition showcases 27 different watercraft designs of varying technological levels from the smallest dinghy to the largest cargo carriers. Also included are numerous tips from the Yiarn Caardee design staff, as well as new design features you can use when designing your own vehicles under the T20 rules.

About the Traveller's Aides
Travel can be a dangerous business. Hostile environments, ferocious wildlife, unstable local politics, pirates and robbers, ticket scams, riotous mobs, unreliable vehicles... the list of hazards is endless. But help is at hand, in the form of the Traveller's Aide series. Packaged in a handy pocket reader, these vital reference works offer advice on all aspects of travel, from choosing a vehicle to armed self-defense. So don't risk your life to gain that "seasoned traveller" experience... let Traveller's Aide bring it to you!

The Traveller's Aide series is specially designed to meet the needs of the Classic Traveller and T20 gamer or referee. Packaged in handy bite-sized chunks like the classic "Little Black Books", each Traveller's Aide focuses on one vital issue and presents everything the referee or player would want to know - rules, background and colour text.

The Traveller's Aide line includes supplements, adventures and fiction, increasing the breadth and depth of the Traveller experience without busting your wallet. Players can pick up whichever ones will best support their game; referees will find a handy source of adventures and background material. All Traveller's Aides are fully compatible with Traveller20 (T20) and Classic Traveller (CT), and contain all stats necessary for immediate use.

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