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EPIC Adventure Series
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Merc Heaven
EPIC Adventure #7

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EPIC 7: Merc Heaven continues the mercenary theme in the Gateway Domain. Set on the wartorn balkanized world of Sham in Outworld subsector, this Adventure details 6 mercenary Tickets being offered by the beleguered pro-Imperial Kikhei Union in an effort to hold back two nations with suspected Solomani backing.

The mercenary Tickets range from security escort missions to aiding insurgencies and behind-enemy-lines commando raids.

These Tickets do not require transportation or a starship. All can be played with 2 or 3 section platoons. Included is a section detailing low-cost low to mid-tech merc platoons and low-cost transport options. All stats are included so a merc unit for the players can be fielded with no effort at all!

Maps are included to help play out the merc Tickets, as are stats for various vehicles that will be encountered: submarines, ships, aircraft and AFVs.
About the EPIC Adventures
The books in the EPIC Adventure series each contain a fully detailed adventure for Traveller. They follow the general style of the original 'Little Black Books' or LBBs published as part of the Classic Traveller product line. Lite on artwork and heavy on material you can use. They can be played straight out of the book or adapted to fit into an ongoing campaign.

Each book contains a minimum of general background data and sufficient specific background to allow it to be used without reference to any other setting or adventure book. The adventure is presented in the standard 'EPIC' format developed by Marc Miller, creator of the Traveller game.

These adventures can be though of as similar to the key episodes in a season of a TV series. Unrelated episodes can be slipped in between the key ones, but eventually the story will reach the series finale. Of course, there may well be another series, and so other adventures may follow this one.

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