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Through the Waves
Traveller's Aide Issue #8

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After walking, boats are one of the first modes of transportation developed. In every single human culture, and most alien cultures, development of watercraft occurs before written history. Boats transport huge loads both faster and more easily than ground transport. In many cases the construction of river or seaworthy craft are the impetus for the creation of the first empires.

Despite the seemingly archaic nature of watercraft in this age of fast grav vehicles, ships of all sizes still perform vital duties, from recreation to research to cargo hauling on worlds throughout the Imperium.

As with previous editions of the Yiarn Caardee catalogs to appear in the Traveller's Aide, this edition showcases 27 different watercraft designs of varying technological levels from the smallest dinghy to the largest cargo carriers. Also included are numerous tips from the Yiarn Caardee design staff, as well as new design features you can use when designing your own vehicles under the T20 rules.

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Merc Heaven
EPIC Adventure #7

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EPIC 7: Merc Heaven continues the mercenary theme in the Gateway Domain. Set on the wartorn balkanized world of Sham in Outworld subsector, this Adventure details 6 mercenary Tickets being offered by the beleguered pro-Imperial Kikhei Union in an effort to hold back two nations with suspected Solomani backing.

The mercenary Tickets range from security escort missions to aiding insurgencies and behind-enemy-lines commando raids.

These Tickets do not require transportation or a starship. All can be played with 2 or 3 section platoons. Included is a section detailing low-cost low to mid-tech merc platoons and low-cost transport options. All stats are included so a merc unit for the players can be fielded with no effort at all!

Maps are included to help play out the merc Tickets, as are stats for various vehicles that will be encountered: submarines, ships, aircraft and AFVs.

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The Mahkahraik
A Minor Race of the Sydymic Outworlds Cluster

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The Mahkahraik are a minor race first introduced in the Sydymic Outworlds Cluster Sourcebook. Herein Referees and enthusiastic players can find details on this minor race, enabling them to play and portray the Mahkahraik in Traveller scenarios located in and about the Sydymic Outworlds Cluster. In addition, a new service class, the Sepoy, is provided which describes the specific role that the Mahkahraik fulfill in interstellar society. While it is recommended that the Referee have either the Sydymic Outworlds Cluster Sourcebook or the Gateway to Destiny Domain Sourcebook, neither text is required to utilize this material.

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