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Yiarn Caardee Vehicle Catalog

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Take your travels On the Ground, Through the Waves, and Against Gravity with the latest Yiarn Caardee Vehicle Catalog!

Over 80 vehicles are detailed in this catalog including ground vehicles, grav vehicles, and watercraft from across the technological spectrum.

You’ll also learn new tips, tricks, and design options for creating your own vehicles based on the T20 rules direct from the Yiarn Caardee design team itself!

For those who enjoy pushing their vehicles to the limit of their own abilities, included are detailed rules for organizing and conducting vehicle races, as well as the licensing requirements and laws concerning the operation of these vehicles.

A small 5-page sample edition of this book can be downloaded below!

Latest PDF Release
Revelation Station
Scenes of Adventure #1

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Revelation Station was designed to provide your players with an anchor or home base from which to operate while adventuring in your campaign. As such the material presented is done so as generically as possible with regard to the setting outside of the station itself. This will hopefully allow you to easily drop the station into an existing campaign setting without much trouble.

The station is a small orbital outpost somewhat off the beaten trade paths. What traffic that does pass through the region passes through here at some point making it a profitable if not lucrative operation.

Includes 17 pages of deckplans for each deck of the station.

Also includes 25mm scale floorplans for 11 locations within the station.
About T20
Traveller20, commonly referred to as T20, is an officially licensed rules adaptation of the award-winning Traveller science-fiction roleplaying game.

The flagship book in the line, the Traveller's Handbook is based on the wildly popular D20 System rules from Wizards of the Coast, while all supplementary materials in the T20 product line are derived directly from the Traveller's Handbook itself.

T20 Lite For those who prefer to 'try before you buy, we offer a FREE 64-page introductory version of the T20 rules known as T20 Lite!

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