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Old February 8th, 2003, 10:52 PM
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Hello everyone,

Hopefully, someone, Hunter and/or Martain chime in you if can answer these please, will be able answer my questions, some which have been asked by other's posting here. Okay here we go:

1. On the Ship's Computer Table on p. 263 of the Spacecraft & Starship Design Sequence (SSDS) the last column's header is Free CPU Output. My first thought is that this was the available CPU Free after loading all the programs required to run a starship. However, after going throught the CDS I discovered that the Standard Design Ship's Computer on p. 282 and p. 263 do not appear to be complete systems. I've looked for the text in the Computer secion, pp. 262-264, of the SSDS and the Computer Design Sequence (CDS) pp. 223-233 without finding an answer. I've gone over the CDS pages the Computer Cores Table and Computer Type and Model Table on p. 224 to see if I could figure out Free CPU Output. My efforts in this regard have fallen short of success, so now I am asking for some help to answer the first of several relating to CDS.

What is Free CPU Output? How does CPU Output, free or other, relate to Processing Power?

2. While using the CDS to checkout the Standard Robot Brain on p. 283 the line entry for Units states "Synaptic x90 (10% reduction due to minaturization)." Looking at the text in the CDS p. 228 Miniaturization alters volume and EP, not the number of core units to achieve the desired CPU Output by type and model. Hardwiring, according to the text on CDS pp. 227-228, is the only option that reduces the number or core and storage units and that is by 25% not 10%.

Does Miniaturization modify the number of core units?

2a. Another item I have a question on about the standard Robot Brain design is the cost. Using the CDS I get the cost to be OOPS! my figures were inaccurate cost is not KCr45 (45,000), the correct cost is KCr29.5 (29,500) for the core not 135,000. I am in the process of creating an Excel 97 spreadsheet to automate the design process. Unfortunately, I added the cost of the Logic and Command programs twice. I found my error when I created the automated Robot Brain Specification sheet. Sorry about the wrong number, I'm still working my way through the spreadsheet making sure my numbers work and I match the sequence steps.

Is the cost correct at 135,000? If not is 29,500 correct? Is there some step or requirement that I missed? If there is a requirement or step I missed could I please be directed to the correct area?

3. In the Computer Software section on I am, which is probably due to my lack of in depth knowledge of character generation, of how to determine the items that fall under the "Normal Skills" program of the CDS on p. 231. Another program I am not sure of is "Library data," which I beleive is similar to a Database program from CT.

Could someone explain in simple words on (1) How does one decided what a Normal Skill program is? and 2. Is the Library Data program the same as a Database program?

4. The last step in the CDS on p. 233 is selecting Control Panels and Terminals. All 6 types listed have the same vl, which seems very odd. I can almost agree that the basic and advanced mechanical systems could have the same vl. However the electronic, advanced electronics, dynamic, and holographic I feel should have a smaller vl value than the mechanical systems, especially at the higher TLs.

Are the vl values for the 6 systems correct as written? If not what should they be and where can I find the correct values? Could the vl values use a similar scaling method as the values on MegaTraveller ; Referee's Manual p. 81?

5. The Size and EP values in the Ship's Computer Table on p. 263 are slightly different from that used by the CDS and the table on p. 282. I believe that I figured how to convert the CDS, Vehicle Design Sequence (VDS), and Ship's Computer Table om p. 282 to the SSDS format.

Converting from the volume/vl measurement used in CDS, VDS and the table on p.282 to the displacement divide vl by 1400. Here is how I think the size value of 0.1 on p. 263 was arrived at: Table on p. 282 Volume = 135, from p. 223 dispalcement is approximately 1,400 vl. 135/1400 = 0.0964, round up to 0.1. Note dividng by 1350 eliminates rounding in this case.

Determining SSDS EP follows the direction in the text for the table on p. 282. EP/10, 9/10 = 0.9.

Are the conversion methods correct? If not, how was the conversion made?

Okay, I'll stop for now, my fingers are not hitting the right keys. [img]graemlins/file_21.gif[/img]
Tom Rux
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