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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old April 1st, 2019, 05:18 PM
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Default Am I doing this right?

I hope Iím posting in the correct place, but Iím a new player/DM using the Mongoose 2nd edition rulebook/Highguard. And i have been working through the ship design, partially to get a feel for the rules, partially to give my travelers a personalized ship, and partially because it seemed fun. Any way, I think i finished it correctly, but wanted to ask Veteran ship builders their opinions and advice.

**Ship Specs TL 11**

* Streamlined Hull
* 200 tons
* Priced at $12,000,000
* Armor
* Standard 0
* 0 tons
* M-Drive
* Thrust 5
* 10 Tons
* Price $20,000,000
* J-Drive
* Jump Rating 2
* 15 Tons
* Price $22,500,000
* Power Plant
* Fusion TL8/ 10 power/Ton
* 15 tons
* 7,500,000
* 150 power points
* Ship needs 140 to run M-drive+basic systems
* Ship needs 70 to run the J-drive
* Fuel Tanks
* Jump Fuel Tonage 40
* Power Plant Fuel Tonage 3
* to run 8 weeks
* Bridge
* 20 Tons
* Price $150,000,000
* Computer
* Computer/5
* Price $30000
* Sensors
* Basic Sensors
* Weapons
* Laser Drill
* Fixed mount
* Priced $250,000
* Systems
* No systems
* Software
* no software
* Staterooms
* Double Occupancy 4
* Price $2,000,000
* 16 Tons
* Common Area
* 4 Tons
* Price $400,000
* Cargo
* 77 tons

The Total Price being $214,680,000

I would definitely appreciate any tips or help.
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Old April 1st, 2019, 06:00 PM
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First of all, seeing this is your first post, welcome to the board.

Even while I don't own MGT2:HG, just from the Core Book, several poinbts here:

1) What would be the main mission the ship is thought for (trader? patrol? mining?)? This is an essential point to evaluate a design.

2) If you intend your ship to be J2 capable, the minimum computer ytou'll need is a Computer 10 or 5/bis, as Jump 2 software needs 10 bandwidth.

3) (related to 2). Your ship won't run without some software. You need at least the Manoeuver software (that is free, BTW) and a jump one if you intend your ship to jump. Library software is also free, and it may be useful...

4) while this may be more than argueable, I don't see the fixed laser drill as too useful as a weapon, at most to label you as armed to have bonus for mail contracts (of course, if this is a mining ship, that's another matter, but then I'd advise you to equip it with mining drones). You have the power for 2 turrets equiped with single lasers (beam or pulse it's a matter of doctrine), that can help you both ofensively and against missiles.

Hope that helps...
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Old April 1st, 2019, 07:07 PM
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What sort of ground interaction are you planning? If you will be visiting class E or D down ports you may need to have cargo handling facilities aboard, likewise if you will be using lighters in orbit, you will need to have suitable cargo airlocks or docking bay.
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Old April 1st, 2019, 10:10 PM
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You seem to be doing fine.

Originally Posted by Nevaraon View Post
* Bridge
* 20 Tons
* Price $150,000,000
A bit overpriced, should be MCr 0.5 per 100 Dt hull, so MCr 1 for your ship (HG, p17).

Originally Posted by Nevaraon View Post
* Computer
* Computer/5
* Price $30000
As McPerth noted, you need a bigger computer to run Jump-2 software (Core, p151), fortunately that is a trivial cost.
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