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Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Details of the worlds of the Imperium (and beyond).

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Old October 18th, 2017, 02:48 PM
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Default Highest population density worlds

Looking through the TravellerMap data, there are some extremely densely populated worlds out there:

Jdiprqrafr	Gvur	B100A99-C	923	Interval[{8900.51,9889.45}]	Interval[{90000000000,99999999999}]	1.01118*10^7
Roeknughroe	Gvur	B100A99-C	924	Interval[{8900.51,9889.45}]	Interval[{90000000000,99999999999}]	1.01118*10^7
Uston	Daib	A100A98-E	902	Interval[{8900.51,9889.45}]	Interval[{90000000000,99999999999}]	1.01118*10^7
Duncan	Alph	E100ACB-D	800	Interval[{7911.56,8900.51}]	Interval[{80000000000,89999999999}]	1.01118*10^7
Fairday	Alph	E100A98-D	823	Interval[{7911.56,8900.51}]	Interval[{80000000000,89999999999}]	1.01118*10^7
Cabot	Delp	D100A99-A	704	Interval[{6922.62,7911.56}]	Interval[{70000000000,79999999999}]	1.01118*10^7
Hteai	Hlak	A100A88-E	724	Interval[{6922.62,7911.56}]	Interval[{70000000000,79999999999}]	1.01118*10^7
Irap	Zaru	B100AA9-C	702	Interval[{6922.62,7911.56}]	Interval[{70000000000,79999999999}]	1.01118*10^7
Stoner	Glim	B100ACB-E	710	Interval[{6922.62,7911.56}]	Interval[{70000000000,79999999999}]	1.01118*10^7
Yeungo	Uist	D100A7A-D	703	Interval[{6922.62,7911.56}]	Interval[{70000000000,79999999999}]	1.01118*10^7
Kidurge	Tren	B429A77-C	903	Interval[{5562.82,6180.91}]	Interval[{90000000000,99999999999}]	1.61789*10^7
Iysas	Iwah	E100A8A-B	502	Interval[{4944.73,5933.67}]	Interval[{50000000000,59999999999}]	1.01118*10^7
Hermes	Daib	D100ABA-D	432	Interval[{3955.78,4944.73}]	Interval[{40000000000,49999999999}]	1.01118*10^7
Isurgaa	Gash	B110A76-C	400	Interval[{3955.78,4944.73}]	Interval[{40000000000,49999999999}]	1.01118*10^7
Ursalem	Delp	D100AA9-D	402	Interval[{3955.78,4944.73}]	Interval[{40000000000,49999999999}]	1.01118*10^7
Askigaak	Dene	E549AA8-B	901	Interval[{3560.2,3955.78}]	Interval[{90000000000,99999999999}]	2.52795*10^7
Anise	Delp	D100A99-D	304	Interval[{2966.84,3955.78}]	Interval[{30000000000,39999999999}]	1.01118*10^7
Faro	Alph	D100AAC-D	310	Interval[{2966.84,3955.78}]	Interval[{30000000000,39999999999}]	1.01118*10^7
Iamir	Alph	C100AAB-F	304	Interval[{2966.84,3955.78}]	Interval[{30000000000,39999999999}]	1.01118*10^7
Yoweaserl	Eali	C100A78-B	315	Interval[{2966.84,3955.78}]	Interval[{30000000000,39999999999}]	1.01118*10^7
Worlds like Uston may be approaching 10,000 per square km of land area, that's higher than the density of Singapore, for the entire world (a size 1 world, it doesn't have that much land area to work with). Then there's Kidurge which is size 4 but much of the world taken up by hydrographics. Also, who named "Kidurge"? That sounds .. not quite right.

How do those worlds sustain their populations? Does everyone live in massive archeologies and the remainder of the land area devoted to food growth? Do referees handwave the enormous populations all into orbital structures? How much food needs to be imported per day if there is no land area available for food production?
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