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Adventurers Tell us your Traveller character stats, skills, and details.

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Old September 20th, 2017, 10:22 AM
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Default Am I forever doomed to play Merchents?

wile at a session for an other game I decided to pump out some characters for a posible LBB1-3 & Sup 4 game, not knowing what I wanted to play I rolled Draft to pick the service I was going to try for, seven out of Ten came back Merchent, two Other and one Marine, one of the Others and the Marine failed to enlist, and ended up drafted in to the Merchants.

over 30 years playing Trav across all editions and around 70% of my characters have bean Merchants and near 90% of my successful ones have bean Merchants.

I think the universe is trying to tell me somthing?

a few samples

Merchant, Terms 5, Rank 3
Pilot -3, Navigation -2, Vacc-Suit -2, J-o-T -1 Streetwise -1, Air/Raft -0, Computer -0
Small Blade -1, 0-g Weapons -0
20,000cr, Blade, Snub Revolver

Merchant, Terms 3, Rank 3
Vacc-Suit -2, Admin -1, Medical -1, Seward -1, Air/Raft -0, Computer -0
Large Blade -1, 0-g Weapons -1
55,000cr, Accelerator Rifle

Merchant, Terms 1, Rank 1
Computer -1, Electronics -1, Engineering -0, Mechanical -0, Vacc-Suit -0, Wheeled Vehicle -0
Small Blade -1
Telepathy-6, Clairvoyance -3, Telekinesis -5, Special Electroknesis -8, Special: Technopathy -6
40,000cr, Blade

Other, Terms 2
J-o-T -1, Forgery -1, Streetwise -1, Air/Raft -0, Computer -0, Vacc-Suit -0
Brawling -1

Merchent, Terms 1, Rank 1
Bribery -1, Forgery -1, Streetwise -1, Computer -0, Wheeled Vehicle -0, Vacc-Suit -0

Merchent, Terms 1, Rank 1
Air/Raft -0, Computer -0, Vacc-Suit -0
Brawling -2, Small Blade -1
1000cr, Blade
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