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In My Traveller Universe Detail what parts of Traveller you do (or don't) use in your campaign.

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Old August 25th, 2017, 07:53 AM
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Default Sargasso's of Space

Note: I have also posted a version of this to the TML.

Something that is harder to fit into the standard Traveller Universe (Unless you head far to Spinward) is the idea of a 'Sargasso of Space' a location where for whatever reason lost spacecraft conglomerate in large numbers.

The oldest version I encountered was in the novel entitled 'Sargasso of Space' by Andre Norton, in that case the Sargasso was on the surface of a planet the ships being drawn there by a Forerunner (Ancients) device that was being controlled by pirates.

The next was in a 1980s book called 'Space Wreck', this time the Sargasso was in orbit around a planet, the exact cause of the conglomeration of spacecraft was never explained in the story. A view of the orbiting armada of derelicts (Including the space shuttle 'Columbia' and if you look carefully 2001's 'Discovery'...) was created for the book by artist Peter Elson (Linked below).

The third version and probably the easiest to work into a Traveller scenario or campaign appears in the Sequoya Series by Sabrina Chase. This is a deep space Sargasso that like the one created by Andre Norton is due to a still functioning Ancient device which draws ships out of Jumpspace into it's vicinity.

In the series the characters are fleeing pirates when this happens, they find themselves stuck in deep space with a fried jump drive but a functioning real space drive and follow an automated distress signal to the Sargasso where they manage to find enough parts to fix the drive and make a single jump to safety. They however are comparatively lucky, many of the ships they find have suffered serious damage when pulled out of jumpspace and even in the case of the ship whose distress call they followed they find that the survivors had died long before.

In the novel (Which uses a different jump drive system to Traveller) the heroes mark the co-ordinates of the Sargasso and go back to salvage cargoes and more intact ships which they sell on the black market.

Uses of this concept in Traveller would best be supported in regions 'Out the back of The Beyond' or possibly in the Spinward Marches in the 'Abyss Rift' created by Michael R. Mikesh, the tricky part of making it work is of course the Traveller Jump drive, in the case of deep space Sargassos fuel would be needed for the trip out and the trip back.
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