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Old June 28th, 2017, 10:20 PM
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Default TDW:1416 Season 3.1 "Perspective"

Captain Benjamin 'Ben' Webb [M] (age 30) - [797874] - [PAJL Marine/Consort]: Rifle-3, Blade-2, Heavy Weapons-1, Jack-o-T-1, Recon-1, SMG-1, Tactics-1, Admin-0, Air Raft-0, Brawling-0, Electronics-0, Gambling-0, Gunnery-0, Mechanical-0, Medic-0, Streetwise-0, VaccSuit-0 ... (ex-Army Major, ex-Pirate)

Executive Officer Lily Marston (LT Lillian Oalu) [F] (age 28) - [7BAACE] - [Socialite, SCN, Merchant]: Broker-2, Carousing-1, Computer-1, Legal-1, Liaison-1, Trader-1, VaccSuit-1, GunCbt(EnergyWpns)-1, Admin-0, Brawling-0, Bribery-0, Pilot-0, Streetwise-0


[Iron System 208.065.2156 Fleet Time] Holman Headquarters, guest suite, 1900 Local time

Ben returned from visiting Ensign Jacobson in the Hospital and heard Lily in another room talking to someone on the comm about Leveraging, Market Demand, Manufacturing, Services, Growth Projections and a whole bunch of letters that he didn't understand ... except ROI, Ben remembered seeing that in Zondervan and knew is stood for Return On Investment and had something to do with making a profit. Bet couldn't quite follow all of the formulae in the book. With a sigh, Ben just fell into a chair.

For a while, the operational necessity of the Haearn Mission had required Ben to push all thoughts and concerns about the Abandonment and the freed slaves and Trevile and the Forgotten to the back of his mind. His chest tightened as the old panic swept over him again. How was Ben going to keep his promise to feed and house and clothe and provide jobs and ... Ben accessed his HandComp and glanced down at the latest data on the 312 former slaves ... almost 85% would require some medical care - up to 6 months in the worst cases. One more expense Ben needed to pay but had no idea how he was going to do it.


312 former slaves
  • 12 x Engineering - 0
  • 1 x Engineering - 1 (Nila)
  • 32 x Mechanical - 0
  • 2 x Mechanical - 1
  • 8 x Electronics - 0
  • 45 x Steward - 0
  • 10 x Steward - 1
  • 51 x Other active life careers; 1 skill up to 2 or 2 up to 1.
  • 151 x Citizens and Lower Classes; two skills at 1, three at 0.

"Recover" means full stats and no residual illnesses
  • 37 x Need 6+ months to recover.
  • 10 x Need 2-6 months to recover.
  • 217 x Need 1 month to recover.
  • 48 x Will be "fit" once they are in Wardn system space.

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