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Old April 22nd, 2017, 10:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Spenser TR View Post
I’m not very long here, but it’s continually fascinating to me the way some of us feel canon is so very clear, others do not, and that there’s really not so many easy mechanics in place to verify canonicity. It seems pretty organic, even with the hermeneutic posted.
I got involved with Traveller canon several years ago. I avoided it for several decades because it's a sticky wicket. Much easier to be positive, enjoy, discuss, and stay away from people who get cultish about it.

And there is no clear answer. The very first instance of just about any OTU story point has later been superceded by later storyline. Often with the blessing of the very first writer. I happen to know this for a fact because I happen to personally know several dozen Traveller authors including a number of Classic Traveller authors and artists.

And what ends up being blessed as canon by FFE is sometimes not what some of the fans like. It was an inevitability that it would occur. It was with GW, Imperium, Mongoose, or any of the publishers.

Anything used as a public resource has to deal with these impossible situations. There simply is no perfect answer.

And some of the later authors really didn't show much interest in what came before. And many of the early authors often only wrote the most barebones of story... With few defined details. Leaving more questions than answers. All in all, not a bad strategy for a RPG product. Not so good for a fan base that wants more.

Originally Posted by Spenser TR View Post
It seems like it’s cool to question what’s written, especially on a resource that’s been designed from the bar napkin stage forward to be rewritten. By anyone.
I love the questioning, especially in the form of constructive criticism. It helps us all to learn. I love it even more when folks apply their insights to a greater community resource. Let's pull together to create new things. To improve existing matter. To add to the community.

Originally Posted by Spenser TR View Post
It doesn’t feel so cool when we use diminutive versions of each other’s names. Or we lash out.
Civility doesn't seem so much to ask.

Positive vibes to all!

Shabbat Shalom,
Old April 23rd, 2017, 12:32 AM
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Thread temporarily closed due to getting out of tone, pending staff revision.
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