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Play By Post - In Character For in character play and digression.

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Old January 27th, 2017, 07:34 PM
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[Marco] - [Biter 1416.50.0110 IST (0910 local)] Conference Room, Biter Navy Command, Nora
An anonymous officer in a crisp uniform appeared at 0845 to guide you the short distance to the conference room. Marco, Gerald and Gabbie waited outside the ornate double door for only a few minutes before an Admiral exited the room to greet you and show you in. Clean white walls with clean, polished and matching plaques commemorating something or other. An Admiral, a ship, it hardly mattered. It was all window dressing, just as the giant seal of the Biter Navy which adorned the center of the wall and the slightly taller chair where another Admiral sat lording over his domain. It was theater at its best. A line of Admirals and Commodores in crisp dress uniforms festooned with salad occupied one side of the table and three empty chairs waited patiently for your arrival on the opposite side. There were five uniformed Navy personnel seated and two empty chairs on the Navy side, near the door.

"We will begin in just a moment" said Admiral Lang (O8) who had invited you into the room "We have two more members who have been unavoidably delayed." As time dragged on, the reaction of the waiting Brass ran the full spectrum from the annoyance of Admiral Parks who viewed starting late as a personal attack, to the bored indifference of Commodore Gold to the friendly conversation between Admiral Lang and Commodore Linsey who seemed to be old friends. Commodore Jouve appeared to spend the time watching and studying everyone, smiling and glancing away when Gerald caught her studying his reactions.

The doors opened at 0910 to admit Commodore Westin who hurried in and pulled out a chair, followed by Lady Westin, who strolled in chatting and smiling as if she had all the time in the world. The Admiralty all stood as she entered and Commodore held her chair at the end of the table until she had been seated. Then the Commodore quickly took his seat. The other officers sat. "Can we begin now." started Admiral Parks. Lady Westin interrupted "Baron Jacobs. I had not taken you as someone who goes in for fermenting insurrections. You surprise me." She smiled sweetly "and Sir Domici, how is your lovely daughter. Tala, I believe is her name. I have heard remarkable things about her and would love an opportunity to hear about her first hand. Perhaps you might be free for lunch?" A slight smile appeared on the corner of the mouth of Commodore Jouve.

"I'm afraid we have rather pressing matters to discuss and his family is not on the docket." said Admiral Parks struggling to maintain control.

"Nonsense Victor. You have no sense of what really matters. You never did. However, I do not want to be the cause of your heart attack, so you may proceed with your nonsense." She smiled a thoroughly mischievous smile "However, let me make a prediction. You are going to ask him to tell you all about the other fleet, and he will politely tell you to go jump in a lake. Then he will advise you to engage with the new government and you will respond with 'we will take the matter under advisement and render a decision' which is code for no." She leans closer to Marco and whispers loudly "I hope you are free to tell me about your family over lunch. Reliable information is so hard to get and she sounds quite charming."

"Mister Domici" begins Admiral Lang, "We have been led to understand that you consider yourself a citizen of Biter and something of a champion of the Biter people. We were hoping you might have some information on the fleet that has recently arrived in the Biter System. Information someone who cared about the Biter people would be willing to provide to the Navy that is attempting to protect those same people." All eyes were on Marco and several people leaned forward slightly.


'Captain Sir' Marco Domici [M] (age 22*) - [UPP: 78A9*8(5/B)-7] (Captain/Tjanern/Domici): Admin 0, Blade Combat 1, Brawling 1, Computer 0, Diplomacy 0, Electronics 0, Gambling 0, Gun Cbt (Energy Weapons) 1/2 (T), Leader 1, Liaison 0, Medical 0, Mechanical 0, Tactics 0, Vacc Suit 1, Vehicle 0 - [visited 'Sanctuary', Pending Knighthood = Soc B @ Hofud/Biter] - [Elite (+3): AV 18, Lacar-13: 20(12)]
  • Baron Gerald Jacobs [M] (age 31) - [553DAC] (MM/BDCR-E): JoT-2, Survival-1, Vehicle-1
  • Lt. Gabriela Wright [F] (age 21) - [366A75] - (Guide/Blue Dragon): Ship's Boat-1, Pistol-1, Recon-0
  • Admiral Victor Parks (O9) [M] (age 48) - (Biter Navy - Fleet Command)
  • Admiral Eugene Lang (O8) [M] (age 53) - (Biter Navy - Public Affairs)
  • Commodore Carol Jouve (07) [F] (age 34) - (Biter Navy - NavInt)
  • Commodore Kristie Gold (07) [F] (age 49) - (Biter Navy - Cyber Command)
  • Commodore Nathan Linsey (07) [M] (age 32) - (Biter Navy - Special Warfare)
  • Commodore Colin Westin [M] (age 44) - [5B9DC9] - (Biter Planetary Navy - SDB Task Force Commander [O7]): Electronics-4, Ship Tactics-4, Gun Cbt (pistol)-2, Admin-1, Fleet Tactics-1, Pilot-1 ... The son of a retired Fleet Admiral [O8] and part of a Naval legacy family, on the short list for Admiral - Long and distinguished career: term 1 [O1] Naval Intelligence, Strike Mission (MCUF) - term 2 [O2], Deck Department Command, Strike Mission (MCUF) - term 3 [O3] Deck Department Staff, Patrol Mission - term 4 [O4] Staff / Command College, Siege Mission - term 5 [O5] Deck Department Command, Strike Mission (SEH) - term 6 [O6] Deck Department Command, Strike Mission (MCG) - term 7 [O7] Deck Department Command, Siege Mission (MCUF)
  • (Lady) Lela Kildhal-Westin [F] (age 93) - [474CG(9/D)*] - (Mayor of Trosa - former Ambassador to Hofud & Sacnoth) - (Diplomat-11 term, Noble-7 term): Carousing-4, Liaison-4, Admin-3, Sword-3, Computer-3, Streetwise-3, Bribery-2, Nav-2, Recruiting-2, Vehicle-2, Forgery-1, Gambling-1, Hunting-1, Interogation-1, JoT-1, Leader-1, Medic-1, VaccSuit-1, GunCbt-0, Instruction-0 ... Ceremonial Blade (Court of Sacnoth) ... Olive skin, average height, slender build, hazel (green/grey) eyes, long grey hair braided down back, narrow face, expressive eyes ... Simple clothes in vivid colors ... Distinctive perfume ... Commercial beekeeper (thousands of hives in core and both coasts) ... career as an ambassador predates the General, criticism led to early retirement, extensive diplomatic contacts (across Biter and off-world), great personal wealth (Biter Cr 6,400,000) and local political power (Trosa) ... *SOC = 9 on Biter (Honorary 'Lady'), 13 on Sacnoth ('Marquessa')

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