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Old December 2nd, 2016, 09:13 AM
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Default [CT Only] atpollard's PbP Traveller (Chapter 22 - Marco) Day 22

Day 22 = Thursday

[Marco] - [Biter 1416.53.0145 IST (1345 local)] Town of Vetlanda (pop 2k)
As you flew along, the pilot called your attention to the fact at one point that you were about to cross the Biter Planetary Date Line. Sure enough, the computer controlled chronograph suddenly flipped not only an hour from one time zone to the next, but an entire day. You had taken off at 1416.52.1415 Valdstena Time and would be arriving at 1416.53.1345 Vetlanda Time after a 3.5 hour flight.

From the air, the town was comprised of those sod covered, flat roofed, heavy masonry buildings characteristic of Valdstena and other desert towns. Except around the town square where the bright green grass contrasted with the gleaming white concrete and glass of more urban-looking government buildings. The vicinity of the village was surrounded by small gardens of row crops in various stages of maturity leading Marco to suspect a nearly continuous growing cycle. The abrupt transition from green crops to brown desert grasses where the flat valley bottom transitioned abruptly to rugged hills suggested irrigation of the crops. From the air, several massive open pit mines were visible on the distance. Their size dwarfed the holes at Valdsteda and probably represented more than a century of excavation.

There was a single main street running north and south through the town and lined with obvious commercial shops with houses to the east and west. The southern edge of the town appeared to contain most of the small factories and warehouses, so the VTOL set down in a large, empty truck storage yard with a single warehouse and a compacted ground devoid of any vegetation. The pilot explained that Vetlanda had no air traffic control or designated landing area, but they had used this area once before.

A man in coveralls approached the craft from the warehouse in no particular hurry "Same price as last time?" he shouted up to the pilot, who gave him a thumbs up.

"Something's wrong" the pilot said, turning back to the passengers and calling up a video screen. On the screen was an image of the man in coveralls, looking like a perfectly ordinary blue-collar worker in every respect except one. Covering his mouth was a white cloth filter mask. "There were no masks the last time." said the pilot.


'Captain Sir' Marco Domici [M] (age 22*) - [UPP: 78A9*8(5/B)-7] (Captain/Tjanern/Domici): Admin 0, Blade Combat 1, Brawling 1, Computer 0, Diplomacy 0, Electronics 0, Gambling 0, Gun Cbt (Energy Weapons) 1/2 (T), Leader 1, Liaison 0, Medical 0, Mechanical 0, Tactics 0, Vacc Suit 1, Vehicle 0 - [visited 'Sanctuary', Pending Knighthood = Soc B @ Hofud/Biter] - [Elite (+3): AV 18, Lacar-13: 20(12)]
  • Patricia "Nowhere" [F] (age 55) - [787CB5] (Lawyer/Communications): Legal-6, Comm Engineering-4, Carousing-2, Admin-1, Computer-1, Deception-1, Diplomat-1, Electronic-1, Mechanic-1, Art-0, Blade-0, Leader-0, Pistol-0, Streetwise-0, Survival-0
  • Tjanern Malik [M] (age 48) - (Guide: Tjanern Tjanern) - Hedemora - tall, well dressed man with beaded rows of braided hair reaching past his waist and nearly to his knees - wealthy & politically powerful - likes to hug
  • Ilana Cooke [F] (age 30) - [55AB56] - (Blue Dragon Cyber Raider: ex-Entertainer): Deception-2, Art (acting)-1, Comms-1, Streetwise-1
  • Kevin Greene [M] (age 30) - (BIG: Cameraman): Electronics-2, Comms-1, Streetwise-1 ... pale skin, brown eyes, curly blond hair - Blue Card, married to Path wife - 88% follows Path
  • Merja Uotila [F] (age 20) - (Desert Path Warrior - Seven Winds Clan): Survival-1, Computer-0 - tribal tattoo on right arm, 1 kill ring on left arm
  • Gothan Domici [M] (age 30) - (North: Administrator)
  • Starr Verbeke [F] (age 38) - [3774C9] (Mountain Man: Loadmaster): Mechanical-3 Electronics-2 Leader-1 ... Curly full auburn medium length hair translucent skin

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