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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old August 4th, 2015, 10:03 PM
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Default New Zhodani 10 fighter, (Feedback applied)

I am working on a rework of the other desing, trying to incorporate some feedback from the readers.However i tried an angular desing, with the nice little swept forward structures and angled wignlets to try and giveit a more Zho-ish look..what do you think?

Zhodanii Type 127 Fighter.
One of the newest fighters deployed by the Zhodanii fleet, client states, and Allied forces. Type 125 Sh'zahg ( "Frightful shape", Imperium Code Name Zack) Is a Swift agile, and lethal fighter. reserved for More experienced pilots The Sh'zahg is named after a lethal ray like aquatic predator revered by the minor race native to the designers homeworld. The Sh'zahg made it's debut during a border dispute between a large mining concern and a Zhodani corporation. When The mining Concerns mercenary security forces fired on a transport severely damaging it. A single Zhodani Carrier and it's escorts were dispatch.

The Flights of Fighters launched by the Squadron disabled and nearly destroyed the four Mercenary cruisers in the area, and flattened the ground installation being contested by the two companies. Even with fighter support the four Broadswords were unable to deal with he massed missile and laser fire put out by several squadrons of fighters. In the end the mercenary cruisers were able to destroy several fighters, but they inflicted no harm what so ever on the carrier or its escorts as they hovered well outside of weapons range.

Like the Older 10 ton trilobite the Sh'zahg is lightly armoured, and has few defences, he pilot also sets in a sealed cockpit, with only narrow blow out panels covering vision slots to allow the pilot to operate if his electronics are destroyed, The Fighter does however have some pilot survival hardware built in to allow the pilot to eject in safety and survive for an extended period while waiting for pickup by his carrier vessel.

While more sophisticated than the Trilobite, the type 125 is still highly vulnerable to hostile fire, and it's pilots have only a marginal survival advantage over the older fighters. The Zhodani have put more attention to the weapons, and firecontrol systems of the newer fighter, but still seem to consider even experienced pilots as unfortunate casualties.

Notes: the type 125 is better suited to atmospheric combat, and has no penalties applied to sensors. When firing in fighter wings due to the accurate modification of the pulse laser the barrage fired by a fighter flight has an additional +1 modifier.

Hull/structure 0/1
Armour 4
Thrust 12
Jump ---
Endurance 1 Day
Crew 1
Attack DM +2/-1 when firing Pulse lasers)
Evasion ---
Sensors -0
Marines ---

component notes rating tons cost
HullHull / Structure0/1 101
Armour Crystaliron 4 pts0.50.2
Hull Modificationsnone
M-driveType sF1236
Power PlantType sG1236
Reactor Fuel one day0.1--
ComputerType II10---0.16
ElectronicsBasicCivilian-0 DM10.05
TurretsFixed Single,Pulse Laser,TL-10, Accurate High yield ,fire control--- 11
Cargo Holdnone ------
Escape Podpilot0.50.1
Base Airframebase cost--- 14.56

Total Cost With programs: 18.56
10% Standard Design discount.16.704
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