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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old July 31st, 2015, 05:57 PM
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Default Type 95 Zhodani 10 ton fighter

This is what I was working on as the opposition for my earlier fighter post.

Zhodanii Type 95 Fighter.

An older widely seen fighter deployed as a screening, scouting force for Zhodanii warships the Type 95 ("trilobite) is a fairly cheap, largely expendable fighter which is used in large numbers to harass enemy shipping, and screen larger ships against light attack craft and gunships.

Reasonable agile, and fast the fighter can close into attack rage quickly and escape the heavier weapons of larger vessels before the formation is destroyed by heavy return fire. Few fighters can match its acceleration, and in expert hand the Type 95 can easily outrun missiles launched at them by other fighters and starships.

With few defensive system, light armour, and no pilot survival equipment installed the Type 95 is mockingly called a Prole Bomb, by Imperium fighter pilots. In practice the Type 95 is as effective as it's Imperium counterparts, with numbers making up for the slightly better armour, and pilot survival hardware of Imperium fighters. Zhodanii admirals do not seem to concern themselves with the loss of mostly lower class Prole pilots assigned to these poorly defended craft.

Often older craft, or "Surplus" lots are sold at discounts to independent groups hostile to the Imperium. In the hands of Private "merchants" ,Pirates, and Vargr Raiders the Type 95 is as common in the hands of Rouge, and criminal elements along the Zhodanii frontiers as it is in the hands of the Zhodanii fleet.

One distinctive feature of the Design is the hybrid Gravitic Plasma drives used by the designers. This is not a major advantage to the fighters since it has similar performance to a pure gravitic drive, and offer little advantage over their pure gravitic counterparts. They however do tend to leave a noticeable trail of ionised gas behind the fighter as it manoeuvres, giving opponents an easy visual cue to identify Zhodanii fighters among a mixed group of small craft.

Hull/structure 0/1
Armour 4
Thrust 12
Jump ---
Endurance 1 Day
Crew 1
Attack DM ---
Evasion ---
Sensors -4

componant notes rating tons cost
componant -- -- t-- cost
HullHull / Structure0/1 10 1
Configuration Standard
Armour Crystaliron 4 pts0.5 0.2
Hull Modificationsnone
M-driveType sF123 6
Power PlantType sF122.7 5.5
Reactor Fuel one day0.1--
Bridgecockpit--1.5 0.05
Computer Type 1 10---0.03
Electronics standard-4DM -------
TurretsFixed Single Missile launcher, fire control--- 10.85
Cargo Hold1 ton Missiles1---
Base Airframebase cost ---9.7 13.63mCR

Standard Design Discount Price: 12.267
Bulk orders, or military oorder discounts of 20-30% would result in a per unit price of 9.8136 at the lowest, putting them below 10 Mcr per unit.

This particular design has no canopy or view ports for the pilot, the cockpit is entirely enclosed. requiring the pilot to rely entirely on sensors, optics, and other forms of visual observation.

While an Imperium Pilot would have a litter of kittens if sealed in with no way to see without electronics, I don't think the Zhodani would care if the low ranked pilots were happy or not...

I didn't add any modifiers, or special traits for the hybrid engines, they are purely cosmetic. While they are almost identical to the KgL 24 Animikeeg 10 ton fighter in performance and weapons, they are a bit squishy, and have no pilot escape system.

I'll probably add some sort of close in anti-vehicle weapon to both models at some point. Which would give them a bit of a self defense vs other small craft sense a few of the vehicle type weapons they can mount ( such as a Fusion Gun, or plasma cannon from Central Supply) are powerful enough to do damage to an unarmored small craft, or lightly armored medium armored vehicle.
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