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Traveller 5 Discussion of the Fifth edition of Traveller, released Spring 2013.

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Old July 21st, 2015, 03:09 PM
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Default Battle Rider for T5 BCS

Don's Adage: Determine how you want combat to work, THEN design the design rules.

Take Mayday, replace the computer rules with social rules such as leadership, morale, and veteran status, then add detection rules and squadron counters. What do you have?

You have Battle Rider.

I've looked at BR and Mayday off and on now for a couple years, and I like how they are relatively uncomplicated, keep the things that work, and embody the Traveller rules rather well.

Let's see how one might use that as the basis of a wargame for Traveller5.

1. Mission, Name, ID number, configuration, maneuver, jump, and TL.

The most important data is Maneuver and TL. These need to be clearest.

As in BR, BCS relies on a mission code -- usually two letters -- and a ship class name.

2. Weapons

Battle Rider counters are cluttered with weapons. The major detail of TNE weapons is effectiveness at range. T5 moves this complexity into the Task Difficulty, getting rid of a lot of clutter. Thus, maybe we can get away with just a TN (Target Number) which is related to the weapon's TL, and "Advanced Rules" tables when we want to impose range limits on weapons.

Weapon type is significant, too.

What about the number and size of emplacements? I suspect these are design considerations whose complexity gets baked into a weapon descriptor -- perhaps modifying its type or target number.

3. Sensors

Sensors resemble weapons, but it seems to me that ALL LARGE COMBAT UNITS will have adequate sensors -- keyed on TL. So it seems to me that EXCEPTIONS should only be noted, in terms of task inability. Either you got it, or you don't, for the purposes of this sort of combat.

Thus, TL is a proxy for Sensor capability.

4. Armor Value

A useful measure of damage soak, but is probably more like High Guard than ACS.

And while I'm here, a word on auxiliary bridges. Any capital ship which doesn't have sufficient auxiliary bridges deserves to be killed in round one. I'm just saying, why model that when essential survivability requires it? If necessary, attach that "Advanced Rules" detail to an external table and keep it off the counter.

5. Active Defenses

I'm going to assume ALL LARGE COMBAT ships have ALL TL-APPLICABLE DEFENSES at REASONABLE LEVELS keyed on TL. Thus only EXCEPTIONS get put on the counter. Otherwise, leave it off.

Thus, TL is a proxy for active defense capability.

6. Missiles. Missile load is probably situation-driven. Just saying.

7. Carried Craft. Of course.

8. Point Value. This may be "RU" in Traveller5 parlance.

EXAMPLE: Azhanti High Lightning [Squadron]

Azhanti High Lightning FI-14 U J5 2G 1 RU
AV 2
PA Spine
Off: Missile, Fusion, Laser
Def: Damper, Screen, Grav
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