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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old June 13th, 2015, 02:28 AM
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Default Technical Liftoff Question

Since this seems to be the catchall forum for ship issues, thought I would post my query here.

Been thinking through the liftoff portion of player ships taking off, and the parameters of speed and windows for things like authorities shooting them down sort of thing.

If one is to take the vector vs. gravity thing literally, an earth sized and density planet is invoking approximately 1-G of 'vector' down as gravity, negating the ability of 1-G ships to take off.

Alright, let's say our ship cannot do a 1:1 vertical but has to build up speed flying perpendicularly, get up to orbit then leave the planet's grav well. I am also assuming up to .5G in combined thruster maxed to help clear the pad and local obstacles.

If we go with the escape velocity rating of Earth at orbit, 10.6 kms, that's going to be at least 1000+ seconds, not counting time lost getting to the 8 kms to get in orbit in the first place.

Free Trader Beowulf is not pulling any escape Mos Eisley scenes anytime soon.

High-G ships are another matter, but if I understand how this would play out, even those will initially be moving as slowly as a Saturn V liftoff, although not for the fuel/mass reasons, just the slow constant accel on the low end part of the curve.

So, what should the actual physics of takeoff be for say a 1-G ship vs. a 4-G one, including planetary orbits for escape velocity?

No grav modules please, they are expensive add-ons that just take up space and weight after you get out of orbit. I do have them, but for special environmental limited areas or people with more wealth that want a pleasant landing and will pay for it. Straight up thrust please.
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