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Old April 1st, 2015, 10:50 PM
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Default Bk2 fire control vs Bk5 turret mass

I am looking to create an easily explained decision between using Bk2 hardpoints/fire control and Bk5 hardpoints/turrets in CT ship design.

Book 2 Starships

Fire control equipment is required if weaponry is to be installed. Each installed turret requires one ton of displacement committed for the installation of fire control equipment. Bk2 p.14
Ok. So if I want to allocate a hardpoint, but not install a turret, I do not need to install fire control. In effect I could allocate a ton from cargo space at a later date. No decision on fire control is needed at the design stage.

Any ship may have one hardpoint per 100 tons of ship. Designation of a hardpoint requires no tonnage, and costs Cr100,OOO. Hardpoints may be left unused if desired. Bk2 p.15
In addition, Bk2 turrets and weapons do not add mass. They just require the 1ton of fire control mass that is already allocated (or taken from cargo space)

Book 5 High Guard

The ship design and construction system given in Book 2 must be considered to be a standard system for providing ships using off-the-shelf components. It is not superceded by any system given in this book; instead this book presents a system for construction of very large vessels, and includes provisions for use of the system with smaller ships. Bk5 p.18
Included mostly to highlight the additive nature of Bk5. It doesn't replace Bk2 systems, it adds new options.

Hardpoints require no tonnage; but turrets themselves (when installed) do require tonnage. Bk5 p.30
I interpret this to mean that in Bk5 the fire control in included with the turret.

Other stuff

Bk 2 hardpoints cost 0.1MCr and require internal tonnage if and only if a turret is installed. Adding a turret does not increase ship size, it deducts from available internal space.

Bk5 hardpoints are free and do not use internal tonnage, tonnage is added when the turret is added. Adding a turret increases ship ship and if not considered at design time may impact ship performance. When designing to a ship size, this will manifest as deducting from overall available space, in effect the design loses the space immediately, as it was never internal in the first place.

Fire control is fixed at 1ton in Bk2 which only has lasers, missiles and sandcasters available.

In both cases custom hulls cost 0.1MCr per ton, as do standard hulls of size 800tn and 1000tn. Both designs can chose not to install hardpoints, but only Bk2 provides an incentive due to the hardpoint cost.

Conclusions (tentative)
This is where I enter potentially un-safe territory... The above is quite convoluted and confusing, in addition there might be other stuff to consider. But assuming there is nothing else, does this capture the essence?

Bk2 fire control can only be used with Bk2 weapons (laser, missile, sandcasters).

Bk2 fire control, being internal has the benefit of allowing un-used fire-control space to be used for other purposes (eg: cargo), but at the cost of 0.1MCr per hardpoint.

Thoughts, comments?

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