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Non-Traveller Gaming A forum specifically for discussing those other games we like to play.

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Old May 3rd, 2014, 03:57 PM
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Default Firefly (MWP)

I just picked up the PDF of the release. (Mind you, I've run the Gaming in the 'Verse preview.) It's a very good, very narrativist ruleset.

Abilities rated in dice-types: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12.
3 Attributes — typically either (d6/d8/d10) or (d8/d8/d8)
3 Distinctions
19 skills — d4 is unskilled; d6,d8,d10,d12 are increasing skill levels.
Specialties on skills — if possessed, d6
0 or more Signature Assets

Assets (aside from signature assets) are created on the fly using plot points or tasks.

Basic mechanics: Roll a bunch of dice, keep (adding together) best two rolled, compare to opposed roll. 1's count as 0 and have additional effects.

Generally, one is grabbing one attribute die, one skill die, one distinction die, and one or more assets for free. Signature assets, like assets, are free. adding extra attribute, skill, or distinction dice costs a plot point.
Creating a temporary (scene) asset at d6 is a plot point; an adventure-length asset is 2 plot points. (longer than that, it's a signature asset.)

Assets can be intangibles (like Niška's reputation), visibles (like Jayne grinning fiendishly), tangibles (like Vera), connections (Like Serenity for Kaylee). Most are temporary.

Equipment isn't tracked. There's no shoppy store list. A BFG is just a utility to use fight, and if appropriate, you have one. It may or may not be an asset. It might even be used as a scene asset even tho' you've always had it, because it's providing advantage now, but normally doesn't. (Like Kaylee having a big-ass wrench. Yes, she's always had it. But it's only occasionally a bonus.)

There are no trade rules (There's also no trace of Thrash's work from the Serenity RPG, either.)

The Episode guide is an awesome walk-through, showing how it would play as well as telling what happened, and providing the major characters.

Conflict comes in 2 levels - low intensity and high intensity.

Low intensity - only the action succeeds, no penalties - unless someone rolls one or more 1's.

High intensity - if the action succeeds, the target is "taken out" - in social conflicts, rendered unable to continue, due to shame, anger, embarrassment, or having been convinced; in fights, KO'd or captured; in a race to some object, the object is won. A plot point can be spent to not be taken out, but instead create an injury (which is an asset used only by one's opponents).

Ships replace your attribute when doing ship actions, and may replace your distinction. There's a design system, but it isn't mechanistic. There's no cargo tonnage, there's no size/mass consideration. It's pick attributes, pick ship distinctions, pick ship signature assets.

1's on dice: whenever a 1 is rolled, complications can ensue. Complications generally are injury-like penalties - they provide a free die to your opponent. Complications range d6-d8-d10-d12-TakenOut. When your opponent rolls a 1, you can step up or create complications for them (getting them a plot point per complication affected), or step down yours (costing you a plot point). You don't have to take advantage of the 1's - and sometimes, it's better to hang on to the plot points. Note that injuries are a subset of complications.

Unlike the preview, there are experience rules. They're SLOW. Basically, the currency of experience is listing prior adventures/missions. You can keep them for use as Callbacks (free plot points), resetting each adventure, or you can spend them (forever losing them for callback purposes)

If you're a fan of Firefly, this is a very good game, recreating the feel quite well. What it isn't is a game of trade. Trade is purely a MacGuffin - a reason to be where the action is, rather than an action to be pursued.
~ Aramis /trav
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