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Traveller 5 Discussion of the Fifth edition of Traveller, released Spring 2013.

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Old July 9th, 2013, 12:32 PM
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Default A Bag of T5 Help: Adventures, Indexes, Lists, more

Online T5 Tools:
Mini Indices to the Traveller5 Core Rules -- ATTACHED.
Mini Guides to using CT Adventures with T5 -- ATTACHED.

Laws of the Traveller
Hemdian's Law of Ubiquity: Ubiquity needs no code.
Daarnulud's Axiom of Requirement: Price is no constraint.
Tash's Stand: Bad data is no standard.
Miller's Hermeneutic: It also has to make sense.

Dukurshaa: The inability to tell the difference between numbers and reality. Sort of a Heisenberg's principle for interstellar commerce and industry. Dukurshaa is a sign of insanity in Vilani culture.

Quick Character Generation:
[optional] 1. Determine homeworld and starting skill(s).
2. Roll the UPP.
3. Pick a career and the number of terms.
4. Select [age - 10] skills from that career.
5. Apply aging effects.
[optional] 6. Muster out.

Updating a CT/MgT Character to T5:
[optional] 1. Determine homeworld and homeworld skills (if not already done).
2. Add Career (xxxxx)-n where xxxxx is the CT character's career choice, and n is the number of terms served.
3. Convert skill levels:
CT level 0 = T5 level 1
CT level 1 = T5 level 2 or 3
CT level 2 = T5 level 4 or 5
CT level 3 = T5 level 6 or 7
(and so on)
4. Add all default skills that the character does not already have at level-0.

Quick Starships for T5
= Use starships from CT.


Burrowing Carnivore:
The Avoug of Okh Gvagh:

"Basic" chargen for fast characters:
Alexander Jamison, Merchant Captain:
Mapping skill levels between MgT:

Guns and Armor
The Pistol and the Carbine:
Ported from CT:

Nonstandard: attempt at designing a warbot:

Small Craft
Small Craft List (using ACS):
Using the old draft's VehicleMaker:
Using ACS:

"Major races" DRAFT sophont cards:
Ael Yael walkthru:
Llellewyloly (by Murdoc):

[SEARCH] T5 ship designs on COTI: attach this argument to the base URL: /CotI/Discuss/search.php?query=%5Bshipyard%5D&exactname=1&starte ronly=0&forumchoice[]=129&prefixchoice[]=&childforums=1&titleonly=1&showposts=0&searchdate =0&beforeafter=after&sortby=lastpost&sortorder=des cending&replyless=0&replylimit=0&searchthreadid=0& saveprefs=1&quicksearch=0&searchtype=1&nocache=0&a jax=0&userid=0&

"Book 2 fast" ACS ship design:
Design Walkthrus for the Beowulf and the Gazelle:
Notes for building 3,000 ton ships using ACS:

"Book 2 Plus" add-ons for Book 2:

Star Systems
"Wilderness" sysgen:


Ultimate Tape Player (TL11 item)

Example list:
Attached Files
File Type: zip T5 Index and Adventure (70.8 KB, 221 views)
Imperiallines magazine
My Helpful Stuff for Traveller5
IMTU tc+ t5++ 3i(+) au ls+ / OTU 44% an+ dt+ ge- j- jf+ n- pi+ pp+ tr+ tv- uwp+ xb+
Tools Link

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