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Traveller 5 Discussion of the Fifth edition of Traveller, released Spring 2013.

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Old April 30th, 2013, 11:04 AM
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Default [BasicT5] Fast Starship Design

This process fits on one page -- except for the "shopping lists". The design elements are stripped down to their basics.

Using these shortcuts results in valid Traveller5 ship designs, which can be built quickly.

They may be sub-optimal, but when you more-or-less need a basic ship to move things thru space, this gets you there. I know referees who run games this way. And, don't forget that this is part of the staying power of Classic Traveller's Book 2 ship design system.

Step 1. (p. 330) Determine mission (e.g. "Trader") and TL (7 thru 33, but typically 9-15 of course).

Step 2. (p. 333) Determine hull volume (100 to 2400 tons) and the configuration: Streamlined or Planetoid.

Streamlined is MCr2 + MCr6 per 100 tons. It may land on a tarmac. Armor Value = TL.
Planetoid is MCr1 per 100 tons. It cannot reenter. Armor Value = 20.

(p.383) Default electronics are included in the hull cost.

Step 3. (p. 340,338) Use Drive Potential Tables, in Book 2 fashion, on pp. 340 and 338.

(p. 339) Fuel. Power plant fuel is 1% hull vol per power plant rating. Jump fuel is 10% hull vol per jump drive rating.

Step 4. (pp. 342-343) Defenses. Mount these on hardpoints. Maximum number of hardpoints = 1 per 100 tons. Select one defense on one emplacement per hardpoint, and note volume, total cost, TL, and weapon range.

TL minimums are listed with the defenses. Actual TL is the TL of the ship.

Weapon/Defense-TL        MCr  Range  Notes             
Particle Accelerator-11  2.5  S=7    Barbette or larger
Missile Launcher-7       0.2  S=7
Mining Laser-8           0.5  R=7
Pulse Laser-9            0.3  R=7
Beam Laser-10            0.5  R=7
Sandcaster-9             0.1  R=7
Hybrid S-L-M-10          1.0  R=7    Triple Turret only
Meson Screen-11          1.0  -
Nuclear Damper-12        1.0  -      Requires TWO mounts
Black Globe-16           4.0  -

Emplacement              MCr 
1t Single Turret         0.2
1t Dual Turret           0.5
1t Triple Turret         1.0
3t Single Barbette       3.0
5t Dual Barbette         4.0
50t Bay                  5.0
100t Large Bay          10.0
Step 5. (p. 344) Operations.

10 person-months' life support costs 1 ton and MCr1.
Luxury life support for 10 high passengers is 1 ton and MCr1.

Add vehicles and small craft as needed (shopping lists for vehicles, small craft). Hangar space is craft tonnage plus 10 tons, no cost. Or, stow the craft in the cargo hold for the craft tonnage only.

Step 6. (p. 345) Bridge and Computer.

Bridge tonnage = 8 tons
+2 tons per weapon or defense
+2 tons per 35 tons of drives (round down)
...for a Spacious bridge, with 2 tons per console. Cost is MCr 0.1 per ton of bridge.

The ship's computer controls the ship. The bigger the model, the more autonomous the ship. Ship's Computer is 1 ton per Model rating, and some unknown, aggressively increasing, geometric formula for the cost (table on p. 345).

Step 7. (pp. 347-348) Crew and Payload. Living space per crew member and passenger is 5 tons and MCr 0.5. Allocate space for low berths and cargo, as needed (refer to shopping lists on p. 347).
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