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Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Details of the worlds of the Imperium (and beyond).

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Old July 8th, 2012, 11:16 AM
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Default On the trail of the ANNIC NOVA

This is a spin-off form the thread about the 'Annic Nova in MgT' thread.

Here's an idea for a campaign that I just had:

So the PCs salvaged the Annic Nova and promptly had it confiscated by the Imperium when they tried to register it (trusting that the salvage laws they read up on in their library data would apply in this case too). Alas, the Imperial officials pretended to believe that it was an Ancient artifact and confiscated it under the authority of Imperial Edict 588. The PCs got a ridiculously inadequate reward and a handshake. What a bummer!

But wait a minute! Somewhere out there, beyond Charted Space or perhaps in a little-known[*] corner of the Vargr Extents, is a functional TL18 society (with TL21 computer technology). Just think about what valuable wonders must be to be found there!
[*] By the Imperium.
The PCs had enough evidence of their find to convince Marc Oberlindes to outfit an expedition and put them in charge. Perhaps a large, well-armed jump-4 ship with enough loyal Oberlindes NPCs to fill out the crew roster and a cargo full of valuable trade goods.

The Annic Nova was spotted several times after it had entered Imperial space. It must have been sighted on other occasions before that, allowing the expedition to trace it back along its route. Perhaps it actually landed on some of the worlds it passed (without anyone realizing its advanced tech level from the outside).

Along the way, all sorts of side adventures are sure to come up. This is, after all, the Vargr Extents. And when they finally reach their interstellar Shangri-La...

Well, yes, just what the Annic Nova's mother world is like would require considerable world-building and a lot of hyper-tech[*] descriptions. What would such a world be like? What sort of adventures can be had there. And what would the expedition try to bring back from there?
[*] As I use these terms: high-tech = what we have on Earth today; ultra-tech = what can be found in the Imperium that's higher than that; hyper-tech = beyond what the Imperium has.


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