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Old December 27th, 2011, 12:09 PM
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Default XML Format: Sector Listing

My Goal. Minimally intrusive organization of existing data.

Standard Markup. I need a standard markup language, because I don't want to have to write a custom parser at the file level, and I don't want to force anyone else to write a custom parser at the file level. Writing software is enough work as it is. No reason to bog us down at square one.

XML Format. I don't like XML, but it's universal, and I find I can stand it if it is only lightly used. Which is all I want anyway. Any programming language I use which can parse YAML or JSON can also parse XML just as easily; therefore, I am happy to read and write in all three formats to suit the needs of others.

Light Touch. I've found that a non-intensive, light-touch of XML markup improves sector listings with very little overhead. They're still human-readable, with the bonus of being machine-readable.

The trick is keeping the UWP list as a block of text, rather than pre-parsed data.

Yes, the coder will still have to parse that UWP block. But the initial splitting of the file and parsing its meta-data is done for you. Parsing a block of UWPs is largely a solved problem, and we can blog about how it can be done in generic and specific ways.

Example. I am only including the first few UWPs in the example.

    Alt="Sector iH"
    Milieu="Second Survey"
    Ref="10080 Ring/Ray 62864"

<Subsector Index="A">Pretoria</Subsector>
<Subsector Index="B">Lamas</Subsector>
<Subsector Index="C">Antra</Subsector>
<Subsector Index="D">Million</Subsector>
<Subsector Index="E">Sabine</Subsector>
<Subsector Index="F">Inar</Subsector>
<Subsector Index="G">Dunmag</Subsector>
<Subsector Index="H">Atsah</Subsector>
<Subsector Index="I">Star Lane</Subsector>
<Subsector Index="J">Vincennes</Subsector>
<Subsector Index="K">Usani</Subsector>
<Subsector Index="L">Geniishir</Subsector>
<Subsector Index="M">Gulf</Subsector>
<Subsector Index="N">Zeng</Subsector>
<Subsector Index="O">Kamlar</Subsector>
<Subsector Index="P">Vast Heavens</Subsector>

<Notes />

<Borders>...see Travellermap's API for border formatting</Borders>
<Labels>......see Travellermap's API for label formatting</Labels>
<Routes>...see Travellermap's API for route formatting</Routes>
<Allegiances>...see Travellermap's API for allegiance formatting</Allegiances>

Pack            0102 C680879-5    De Ri                   811 Im G V +M V
Ximenes         0105 B430413-8    De Ni Po                314 Im M V 
Bolivar         0106 D354530-3    Ag Ni                   400 Im K V 
Ranim           0108 C899587-6    Ni                      111 Im G V K V 
Harran          0110 C452332-8    Lo Po                   202 Im G V +M V
Carbuncle       0201 A7308A7-A    De Na Po                902 Im G V 
Graff           0203 B98A7BA-9    Wa                      214 Im M V M V 
Kedin           0204 E423520-5    Ni Po                   311 Im F V K V* 
Iamir           0208 C590A94-8 S  De Hi In                302 Im F V 
Keats           0210 C959314-8    Lo                      111 Im F V G V 
Etienne         0302 B4247CA-B                            900 Im M III -M V 
Wulfe           0303 A52799A-F    Hi In                   802 Im M V M V 
Umkarguu        0305 C575744-4    Ag                      300 Im K V 
Antraillia      0306 D350410-4 S  De Ni Po                402 Im G V 
Leng            0402 C73A210-7    Lo Wa                   601 Im G V M V +M V
Imka            0405 D786688-5    Ag Ni Ri                423 Im G V K V 
Merel           0407 E650416-3    De Ni Po                204 Im K V 
Ninmah          0409 D670835-6    De                      812 Im M V 
(etc etc)

Imperiallines magazine
My Helpful Stuff for Traveller5
IMTU tc+ t5++ 3i(+) au ls+ / OTU 44% an+ dt+ ge- j- jf+ n- pi+ pp+ tr+ tv- uwp+ xb+
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