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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old May 30th, 2011, 06:25 AM
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Default AE-85c Slybird and Torpedoes

OK, I can't sleep so here's another brainstorm on a "Prowler" type ECM/Attack fighter and how torpedoes work IMTU. Maybe somebody can use it, but I'm open to critique as always. Don't be afraid to be merciless.

(BTW: the "sorbitsya" pods I swiped from the name of the pods used by current generation Russian fighters and carried on the wingtips in lieu of the usual missiles. Instead the newer Suhkois carry these as a permanent installation and just added another rail under the wing to not lose firepower. Here I make them optional since that way they can be added to other craft if needed, though I also have cutter :Growler" modules that achieve the same thing and also carry 4 "Chase Me" drones. I get bored easily when I can't sleep so use what you'd like and comments/ideas are welcome.)

AE-85c Slybird TL-15

30 ton lifting body wedge

Maneuver Drive 5G Acceleration (Agility 5)

Fuel = 2 tons Cargo = NA

Computer = Model 2 (CPU-3/ Storage-6)

Weapons = 4 “wing” rails & 2 belly rails

4 Crash Couches

Crew: Pilot
Offensive Weapons Operator
Defensive Weapons Operator

The AE-85 Slybird is the current front line electronic countermeasures and attack fighter. The craft is capable of both atmospheric and space flight with a combat range of 24 hours. The craft is “ruggedized” to increase crew survivability and reduce the immediate impact of damage to the craft’s vital systems. In effect, hits to the bridge (cockpit) or drive systems do not affect the performance of the craft until a second hit is made. Then damage is handled normally.

The mission of the Slybird is to screen attacking fighter forces as they approach a target and to perform “Wild Weasel” type missions to use special sensor-homing missiles to destroy enemy warning installations prior to a ground assault by drop or soft-landed troops. The missiles used are standard fire and forget types with target recognition seeker heads that cannot be spoofed by even shutting off the sensor once the missile has locked onto it.

The Slybird can carry four standard missiles on its “wing” rails (two to a side), plus carry larger anti-sensor missiles or “Chase Me” drones on the larger rails mounted along its ventral surface. The drones are officially known as the EM-101 Badger but the slang name of “Chase Me” was a more apt description of how the drone works. When the Defensive Weapons Officer identifies and selects incoming missiles to decoy away from the craft (or its flight) he/she activates the drone which fires off at 6G acceleration while transmitting ID signals to lure away the incoming missiles. The operator can select up to 6 incoming missiles in the “kill box” the drone uses, and those missiles will follow the drone until they either catch and destroy it (usually with fratricide among any non-contacting missiles chasing it) or they run out of fuel. The Defensive Weapons Officer also operates the “Sorbitsya” ECM jamming pods which can be carried in lieu of the “Chase Me” drones on the same rails. Two pods are required to achieve the maximum front to rear efficiency and side lobe coverage.

When operated the pods function as the ECM computer program does, but they extend coverage beyond the craft carrying them to cover up to 6 other craft that are flying in close formation with the Slybird.

The Offensive Weapons Operator can designate up to 4 separate targets for the offensive missiles carried by the craft. Since the craft is not officially, nor intended to be, a fighter these are usually used to carry the home-on-sensor missiles to destroy sensor arrays on capital ships and ground installations.

The loadout options for a Slybird are up to 6 standard missiles, 4 missiles and two ECM pods or drones, or the “wing” rails can be replaced with one torpedo for two rails.


Torpedoes are the larger missiles typically uses by the heavy bay weapon emplacements on warships. They function the same way as any other standard missile, but carry a significantly larger warhead and have a greater range. Torpedoes cannot be used in turret launchers, but rails (frequently retractable or fixed) are sometimes used by ships by sacrificing a hardpoint for 2 rails.

A torpedo does 1D6 hits plus 1 critical hit when impacting a target. A nuclear armed torpedo does 3D6 hits plus 2 critical hits and a save must be made (10+ on 2D6) to avoid crashing the computer systems on unarmored craft.

The same defenses that can be used against standard missiles can be used against torpedoes, including evasion by the ship’s pilot. Because a torpedo travels at a greater speed than a standard missile it cannot maneuver as quickly as a smaller ship can; their primary targets are, after all, large capital ships. A pilot can, in any craft below 1000 tons and having a maneuver drive of at least 3G make a saving roll of 10+ on 2D6 using his/her pilot skill as a positive DM. Torpedoes that miss after a successful “dodge” will continue on their last course and self-destruct.

Note: as usual the caveat here is that these are things I use IMTU and they may not be applicable to yours.
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