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In My Traveller Universe Detail what parts of Traveller you do (or don't) use in your campaign.

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Old January 6th, 2010, 05:20 PM
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Default Ion/MPD/NTR Thrusters question ..

Now with HT and the chart for the basically correct level of thrust for LF and SF rockets --

same generally with the Resistoject., Archjet, Ion and MPD --


FOr low tech societies -- say Sol III circa 2010 -- they are making those thrusters even better as time goes on.

The Russians have been working on and perfecting Hall type (ion drives) since the 60's, while the US worked on grid style Ion drives -- so 2 styles that come up with the same thing ... and worked on for basically 50 years.

So the ESA and Russia is still working on MPD's and making thrusters like VASIMIR viable for interplanetary exploration -- say to Venus or Mars --

So -- like any good Thruster chart -- when I look at the thrusters -- I can readily see that Resistojet and Archjet are strictly for station-keeping (Micro-Newtons of thrust) instead of Newtons (as the unit) like we see in Chem-rockets. BUT we are seeing no increases and advancements in technology in HT? ..

So instance -- say Fusion Rockets are just too heavy with machinery and thrust requiremenst to make them viable in TL 8 and so sattillites are using more and more MPD's and Ion/archjets for propulsion -- as even NTR's are making news again..

hmmm -- kinda like our situation now on this rock we all call home .. lol

So then we see the tables in HT -- look over Ion drives -- and their use for the last 50 years and know the Russian/US developments have made them better -- so we should see some nice new Ion drives in TL 8 and even 9

Same thing with MPD -- it too should be advanced with a TL 9 advancement -- So for low-tech societies -- say TL 7 - 9, there are lots of tweaks one should see -- but I guess it was missed for some odd reason ...

And you migth say -- NTR? -- are you serious? .. of course -- they have been still considered, designed, talked of for space-testing -- as we know of Gas-Core NTR's (we can even read about the variuous versions on Wkipedia)


Now when I look at ISP's and thrust vs F.cons -- there are several factors why people know and shake their heads at why the Thrusters in TNE are broken and why people fall back "somewhat" onto the TT figures in HT

so do I fure a Fusion rocket will be made and successful tested in the nest 90 years (the era we call TL 9) .. yes -- But since this is technically TL 9 era -- we still dont have a Fusion rocket -- so we have to fall back on older tech that has been worked on quite successfuly for decades now .. lol


So question: What if any "improvements" have you guys made on the Ion & MPD drives & NTR drives that we see on HT and in peoples tweaks and sadly not in TNE ...
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