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TWILIGHT: 2000 Discussion of the original Twilight: 2000 from GDW.

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Old November 9th, 2008, 08:07 AM
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Default New Twilight 2013- a review in progress.

I got my pdf of 2013 yesterday and to be honest I wasn't sure about ordering. I'll start with some of my reservations since by mentioning these I can say how pleasantly surprised I've been overall.

Firstly I thought that 2013 was too close a year for a setting (and I still believe this but it hasn't caused me any issues). I was also worried by hints from the forum about the background. There was a lot of demonising going on, from Muslims to the French and although the French ARE the bad guys that start throwing nukes around and Islamic countries and terrorists are responsible for a lot of the badness it isn't portrayed in a way that might cause offence, in fact it is very well portrayed.

I'll not give away too much about the background but here is a precis of the hotspots.

Europe: Russia has nuked France into extinction and invaded Western Europe. The was is at stalemate, Germany, Austria and Italy have borne the brunt. A hint to designers, despite some nicely accurate stuff about the duke of Glouceter's son, talking about Elder, Middle and Younger Princes of Wales is really innacurate and grates. There is one Prince of Wales. (picky, picky )

Middle East: The Great Muslim War. Saud versus Iran versus Kurdistan versus Afghan versus Syrian etc. etc. Israel is gone. An exodus to Egypt to save them against aggression/invasion by an Islamic Confederation after their use of nuclear weapons saves the people of Israel. They now assist Egypt in resisting Islamic aggression.

Africa: The Forgotten War. Egypt and Libya have unified and with Israeli assistance have formed a formidable power block. Algeria is now home to millions of displaced French. Sub-saharan Africa is utter chaos, tribal conflicts rage across the interior with the coasts being somewhat more peaceful. South Africa is relatively unscathed and flourishing supplying arms to the world's conflicts.

North America. USA invades Mexico. Canada invades USA. China nukes USA and takes parts of Western seaboard.

Asia: War of Chinese Aggression. Speaks for itself. Much of SE Asia occupied.

So far, so good. No more or less unlikely than previous versions.
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