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Old September 12th, 2008, 01:27 AM
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Cool The Grand Post!

So here we are already or so it seems but then I remember...

<<Now is the time to leave and miss the Magnus, Know-it-All Ramblings. You have been warned, proceed with Caution, Citizen.>>

Oh excuse me, getting some printing done. One moment...*leans over to printer and removes latest form off the printer and sets another to go* where was I oh, yes, on this momentous occasion of My Grand Post, I should like to thank the Citizens for welcoming me in there hearts. OK, some of you wish you hadn't perhaps, but *grins* tough breaks, see I've done this before. Yep Timmy in the House. (Timmy denied, only 4 images, Timmy, settle down. *nayah*

See once I am pretty sure I got me DM to spit his drink..(and like any good war story this once starts correctly).

So there I was, got my copy of NWN all hacked up on my beloved new Mac iBook, ready to take on the worlds. So here I am running around with the [VR] kicking ass and taking names, I mean we got hired to do a DM Sanctioned Hit on a PKer. Times are good for old Magnus. I am already at this point flossing the Name and Title on those little pop up ID tags, as "Magnus of Thornwood, Archmage". Now the fun part of this is I am doing it at like Level Five Wizard, oh and I carry a huge, Greatsword. *grins, it doesn't run out of Spells* So, being all sorts of Salty and have been there since the Age of Crashes and having made a Name for myself, one day IMing with the Big Dog, All God of the Realm, (DM) I go innocently enough, as I am rebuilding Magnus from Notes, due to a another Server Wipe..ah the good old days..So I ask him, "Hey Big Dog, can I put the Title of "The Archmage of the Realm" in my name tags?" I think this should be about the time the drink came out of his nose..*grins* Hooboy! Talk about some work...yikes. Suddenly I am on the dukam forums posting Proclamations about this and that, got a got a PKing bully Denied His Impending Knighthood on the basis of the Role and Title, at first the DMs are like "oh Magnus that's just you and the [VR] this fella is a right good chap" So I tell them to ask the Subjects of the Realm and check me...which they did and thus no Knighthood and a couple of nice moments of having Done the Right Thing and the Job..*smiles* It was a good day...

So, like what in the void matter, it was perfect training for coming into the Majors, well for me anyway. You see, this wicked, cool site has been up as long as I have had some sorta regular connect. (which I still have to secure..*sigh**grins* anyway. Traveller is my all time RPG for real, I have always loved it Scope, the History, just everything...Owning a Starship and Seeing it ALL!

So, now half a decade on the Net and about well since on day on the third floor of the UW-Milw Union with some new friends when this dude, "Zed, thrower of dice" asks if I want into his new game in a system called...yep.


So there I am with all the trimming playing this Prince on the run because his Father the Emperor gets gikked and now everybody wants a piece of my. So me and my band of fearless, old and mighty skilled of Travellers try and make it back and Claim the Throne...never can remember if we did or not..though some of the highlights come through...

"Ramming Speed!"

"But Captain, now one does that, Sir...."

"Exactly, we catch them off guard and board them!"

Which as IIIC we did. Oh and some poor dude was in the head when we did...somewhere might even still have this crappy cartoons I did for the Campaign...

Anyway, now it's about 20+ years later, it was 1984...long ago. Ever since I have been collecting and running and reading and loving this game. It is the Standard as a Pinnicale to work toward, to some day build a World of My Own of Equal Caliber of This, the Great Work. So, now I have all, well, most and some scaps he had kept special, plus my own stuff I added, and so on. Now as you can see in my ADSGD, I have like tons of Traveller, and feel somewhat safe calling my self (amongst a couple of other systems, V&V, my first system, for my beloved and feared SLED game, and of course, though I hate the CharGen of GT, GURPS), but yes, I like to think I am sorta Traveller Guru...oh, I did till I came here.

So, I am still printing forms, love forms, I know, I am sick in the head, but it's ok, I deal. *smiles*

I finally got to actually print out the Arms that the most awesome Baron Sidur Haski did up for me...I thought I had some neat idea, this one is so much better. Also, got the Plans so far, design stages of the ISS Blue Smoke. Getting lots of neato stuff printed up. It's good to be home. *happy sigh*

I know I am a hand full at times, I do pay my bills. Give me a bit more time and I promise I will come together. Though, no promises not to be still annoying and a Peered PITA. It seems, that I might be winding down here, but really, one thousand words, it's harder than it looks, no really, you think it's easy being a Character like Me? Nope, lots of work, well, ok, mostly hard work and some goofing around.

Now, some folks to say thanks to:

Of course, the Emperor, His Imperial Majesty, Marc. Hunter (see, i told you i wanted it and i'd get it, though maybe it was the upgrades too, anyway, it rocks now. ). *knowing already i am forgetting folks....*

Um, Gadrin, for putting me in his .sig, still sorta weirds me out, and makes me all giddy at the same time. *shrugs* Oh and for starting all this RP mess that is me.

The good folks in the CRISIS Crew, thank you most for putting up with me and my shennanigans and such...*grins* with yet more to come...ah well, come with the job and title.

Um, the Marquis Aramis, who seems to me anyway, not so nearly as bad and mean as everyone claims, but again, been on that side of the fence. And of course the Grand Mr. A. Boulton, yes, still drooling, *grins*, um....

Far-Trader, thanks for stopping me in the Hall and checking my ID but really I was in my pocket getting it when the Guard grabbed me.

atpollard and the Editors of the Spinward Marches finest new source, the Daily Rag, god, I so dig it. CosmicGamer, for the Perfect Center Seal for the Star of the IMS.

And last because it's the Second Piece I did in Color, the most Talented and Esteemed Saarthuran von Gushiddan, Baron Sidur Haski. For letting me finally get to have my very own Starship and a right Fine One at that!

OK, so not last, oh and since it's the next thing to be printed, Mr Eaglestone and Mr. GKA and the Bilanidin Studies, printing the Lexicon and Grammar next, and then I am back guys. Signed your faithful Gurukarpu.

Laterness all,
Yours Most Heartily,

PS: And even now the ADSGD is finally see a hard copy version....teeheehee, and in answer to refs wondering why i am such pain, because i ref too and sadly being a detail freak, i play as one too. sorry, sorta. *grins and shrugs* now how do i get the bleeding poll thing to work...grrrr. one thousand posts and still have never tried one.
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