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Old May 24th, 2007, 09:23 AM
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Last night, I was discussing CT with a buddy. We were hashing out what Traveller really was, when he mentioned that CT let you do almost anything. As we kicked this around, I had an idea -- why not use CT as a *fantasy* RPG? The basic rules have more melee weapons than guns, and COI gives you bows, etc. And as I thought about it, the more I became convinced that it would work. The weapons are already in the system. The animal creation system can turn out an endless variety of monsters. The CT combat system works fine with melee weapons. The CT Psionic system makes a credible low-fantasy magic system.

Some changes would be needed, of course. You could use the existing careers where appropriate, and substitute high tech skills for low tech ones. For instance:

Mechanical -- applies to low tech devices like crossbows, windmills, etc. Includes blacksmithing.

Computer -- becomes the Scholar skill, which gives you a roll to know stuff.

Electronics -- becomes the Find/Remove Traps skill, which lets you find and disarm traps.

Vehicle -- becomes Riding.

Vacc Suit -- becomes Heavy Armor skill, which allows you to wear and maintain heavy armor without penalty.

Admin -- the ability to work with rulers and their advisors.

Gunnery, Fwd Obs -- the ability to use various types of heavy siege weapons (catapults, ballistae, etc).

Pilot -- the ability to sail a ship on the seas.

Navigator -- the ability to navigate a ship on the seas.

You could also create a few careers that are more appropriate to a fantasy setting.

Armor needs a little changing. Get rid of Cloth, Ablat, Reflec and Combat Armor. Jack is leather and cloth armor. Mesh is chainmail. Half Plate is Mesh+1. Plate is Mesh +2. Plate and Half Plate are -2 DEX; each level of Heavy Armor skill will offset one point of negative DEX mods.

So...why do this? A couple of reasons:

1. To validate claims about Traveller's flexibility.

2. To play a fantasy game that would be different than the standard FRPG. Characters would start the game as older veterans with a past.

3. The same reason we climb mountains...
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