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Old July 21st, 2014, 12:44 PM
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Default Grand Fleet Academy

Inspired by the old Challenge magazine article called Military Academy: a Traveller rules variant I ran a mini-game yesterday for my son and his three young teenage friends.

This was a departure from our existing characters/campaign; they rolled up new 17 year old characters and did 9 months in the Grand Fleet Academy on Regina, a prep-school for officer candidates serving in the Imperial Navy (the Grand Fleet of the 3rd Imperium) and Imperial Marines.

House rules involved 25 10 day periods where the PC experienced various NPC encounters (Harry Flashman aka "Flashy" [for those in the know], the class bully; Haraz the Vargr bullying victim [e.g., Lords of Discipline]), and had to secretly pass me their intended actions (a la Diplomacy) during every game round. Academic and Peer Status was tracked, and the boys learned where they fit in the pecking order of boarding school life.

They got to show feats of strength and skill against visiting Aslan teams (1 in pistol [target shooting], two in fencing and one, my son, took the unenviable "brawling" match against an Aslan -- and won!).

Later they "tested wits" with Zhodani students on a goodwill visit in non-change strategy games (e.g., chess, Diplomacy, Stratego, etc.) Two boys lost, the other two one (and were secretly invited to undergo Psionics testing -- one was clairvoyant and one was both clairvoyant and TK. Rumor got out that one had undergone such testing and his Peer Status plummeted.

In a field exercise, Haraz the Vargr died under mysterious circumstances and my son testified against Flashy, who was in the dock under suspicion of causing the friendly fire death. Again, his Peer Status plummeted.

Then, last week of school Flashy challenges him to a duel (previously, Haraz had won a pistol duel with Flashy that another boy had seconded) and my son chooses cutlasses, knowing that someone could die. He winds of killing Flashy (vengeance for Haraz) and then is caught sneaking back into the Academy.

With low Peer Status and having trained for the duel rather than study for exams my son fails out of the Academy while the other 3 boys graduate with honors, advancement to O-2, one with a medal for lifesaving during the fieldex.

The silver lining is my son gets secretly recruited (coerced) by the Imperial Bureau of R&D (I think they run the Imperial Research Stations) to further investigate (exploit) his Psi abilities. So happy ending is everyone finds a home in the Imperium.

If someone can tell me how to post an attachment I can share the spreadsheet I used to run the game with each round explained and the game mechanics. I welcome anyone's interest in improving it.


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