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Old April 19th, 2010, 04:03 PM
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Default Partial Streamlining

From the CT LBBs 4-7 conversion to MT thread.

The text below represents adding a partial streamlining column and splits configuration 1 into 1n and 1w. The text below has largely been kept in tack from what Major B/Don M wrote as I'm a math person, not a writer.

I strongly believe that we can add to but should not change the values on the table. For example, I have no problem adding a 1w row and entering reasonable value - it doesn't change any existing ship plans. Also, I don't have a problem including the partial streamline column as it doesn't change any existing designs. I don't think we should change existing values in the table unless we know they are actual mistakes: Disk/Dome Airframe should be x 3.0 not x 0.5 for example. I don't have a problem changing a -- to a x 1.0 for clarity. I think one should justify changing a NA to a value in the table, for example if you want to fly an airframe box and you believe the price mod should be x 10.9 just give your rational.

Thanks for your input.


                                         Table 5: Craft Configuration & Streamlining
                                                    Configuration                                  Streamlining                 
     Hull                                          Wt           Price                                (Price Mods)
     Type    Configuration            Mod         Mod                 USL          PSL           SL            AF
        0       Open Frame               x 0.5        x 0.5                x 1.0          NA           NA           NA
        1n     Needle                        x 1.0        x 1.2                NA           x 0.8        x 1.0        x 1.5
        1w     Wedge                       x 1.0        x 1.1                x 0.8        x 1.0       x 1.25       x 1.5
        2       Cone                           x 1.0        x 1.1                NA           x 0.8        x 1.0        x 2.0
        3       Cylinder                     x 1.0        x 1.0                x 1.0        x 1.1        x 1.2        x 3.0
        4       Box                             x 1.0        x 0.6                x 1.0        x 1.2       x 1.5           NA
        5       Sphere                       x 0.8        x 1.5                NA           x 0.8        x 1.0          NA
        6       Dome/Disk                 x 0.9        x 1.2                NA          x 1.5       x 2.0       x 3.0
        7       Irregular                    x 0.9        x 0.5                x 1.0          NA           NA           NA
        8       Planetoid                    NA        NA                     x 1.0          NA           NA           NA
        9       Buffered                     NA        NA                      x 1.0          NA           NA           NA
NA = Not Available: 
USL = Unstreamlined: No attempt has been made to streamline the hull. Many protrusions and irregularities exist
across exterior surface areas that significantly increase drag at high speeds, making it difficult or impossible to
enter or operate in an atmosphere. An unstreamlined space ship or starship may not enter any part of a Very
Thin (2) or heavier atmosphere for any reason.Vehicles with an USL hull cannot exceed a speed of 300 kph (.5 *
Vac) while in a Standard (6) or heavier atmosphere.
PSL = Partially Streamlined: The significant protrusions and irregularities of the hull’s surface have been
addressed with cowlings or fairings, reducing the drag coefficient of the hull. However, the hull design still
either produces too much friction or lacks the structural strength to survive flight in a normal atmosphere. A
partially streamlined space ship or starship can land on planets with atmosphere 0 or 1 and can skim fuel from
gas giants. PSL ships and craft can function and maneuver in the upper atmosphere of worlds with an
atmosphere of Very Thin (2) or heavier, but they may not land or operate in the lower atmosphere of such worlds
due to the friction stresses encountered upon atmospheric entry. Vehicles with a PSL hull cannot exceed a speed
of 650kph (.67 * Vac) while in a Standard (6) or heavier atmosphere.
SL = Streamlined: A streamlined hull is designed from the start to increase performance in an atmosphere,
although the hull shape and surface are not necessarily designed to provide lift and/or control flight as an
airframe hull does.A streamlined space ship or starship still relies on thrust provided by the maneuver
drives to maintain flight while the streamlined hull reduces friction, allowing greater freedom of maneuver
A streamlined space ship or starship can function and maneuver in the atmosphere of any world, including
take-off, landing, and wilderness refueling. However, SL ships and craft are still not as maneuverable as
airframe designs; maximum allowable speed in a Standard (6) or heavier atmosphere is 1,600 kph. Vehicles
with a SL hull cannot exceed a speed of 1,200kph (.75 * Vac) while in a Standard (6) or heavier atmosphere.
AF = Airframe: An airframe hull has been designed for high performance in an atmosphere, with a hull shape
providing lift and adjustable control surfaces increasing maneuverability. An airframe space ship or starship
can operate in any atmosphere as streamlined can, but can also land unpowered and perform combat
maneuvers in an atmosphere. A craft with an airframe hull may use its full acceleration 5000? (.9 * Vac) 
rating within an atmosphere.
Just My Thoughts

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