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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old August 29th, 2017, 02:58 AM
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Default Pet peeve: Wet Navy in Space

Ok, what do I mean Wet Navy in space?
Well I've noticed something that annoyed me. It's especially noticeable in the Clement Sector campaign, but also even in Star Trek.
The habit of treating Starships and their implications, exactly how a wet navy operates on Earth: Frigates, carriers, hell even sloops & brigs.
Why does this annoy me? Well for one thing space is an entirely different medium. And while Star Wars fighters would be supa cool. They really don't make much sense. As on Earth they move through 2 different mediums. Large ships floating and supported by water. And small fast fighters flying through easier to move in air. Which bypasses the water's resistance.

But that's not the point I wanted to make. As I said in Star Trek they use the same appellations: Cruiser, Destroyer, etc. When I keep getting told that it's supposed to be more like NASA.
But since many sci-fi fans seem to be military or military enthusiasts. They seem to go with what they're familiar with. Life in modern military navies. How ships are utilized, rank structure, etc. I think the Scout Service in the OTU deviates from this only, so far as I've seen.
Now wouldn't different designations be better suited to the medium of space? Alternity had travelling space stations. Fortress ships which were the next step up from Dreadnaught, but also operated like movable cities.
Now the reason I ask this is I was thinking of making a model for Star Trek. One with a huge hangar. Now their usual idea is Carrier. Like we have now. But wouldn't they have different ideas for it's purpose?
Since it can carry anything from fighters yes, but also runabouts, scout vessels, ambulances, shuttles, etc.? And their roles could vary. Why only fighters for a wargame?
I was thinking of calling mine a Crisis Intervention Cruiser. Filled to the brim with craft that could handle a whole set of problems: Disaster relief, evacuating colonies (Vulcan *cough*), setting up a quarantine zone, or even police support.
Along with another role as say: Colonization Support Cruiser. Bringing in a whole slew of resources to help establish a colony. With a swarm of shuttles aiding in the effort.

My question for everyone is: What different designations would you set up for a space born navy? Or what kind of vessels would there be to differentiate itself from a planet based one?
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