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In My Traveller Universe Detail what parts of Traveller you do (or don't) use in your campaign.

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Old September 15th, 2018, 11:13 PM
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Default [ATU] Year 148 Brainstorm

So I was procrastinating this past weekend… I’ve always liked the TNE/1248 setting but I dislike the complete destruction and really disliked how 1248 came together with the Grand Alliance and so on. I get that Virus is a bit of love/hate thing and I can definitely see things wrong with it. But, having been raised on Mechanoids in the 80’s, the idea of Vampires, robot soldiers and the like is just something that I think is pretty cool. Sort of a mix between Rebellion/Hard Times/1248 is definitely something that really interests me. In addition, the Imperium is too bloody big for me. I like something more localized…

So I was skimming through old downloads and I came across a map created by Stellar Reaches for an ATU based off 1145 IY where the Hard Times kicked in but VIRUS never arrived. I really like Hard Times so it was a possible approach. His map matched some of my ideas for Ley Sector so I planned on developing it someday.

But I looked closer at the map and saw a pretty cool set-up with lots of Pocket Empires, some of which just screamed storyline, and then made a few modifications. First, I flipped it upside down. Second, I shrunk it to make Domains into Sectors. Then I smashed VIRUS through the middle of it.

A number of changes… it will be using a version of the Clement Sector Zimm drive to slow down expansion. Basically, J3 is the max jump range and that is only available to ships under a certain amount (currently 100-200t). J2 is only available to a mid-range and ships over 3-6Kdton are limited to J1.
-This way, the spread of super-Vampire ships is limited to Mains. In addition, the use of small vessels to head into the Black/Holocaust Zone is prevalent since they can cross it the fastest.
-And I wanted a more small-ship game.

The Imperium is not the Imperium but something similar and it was only in existence for less than a thousand years. It features Noble Houses which serve the nobility ranks like the Imperium. Great Houses were in charge of sectors, High Houses were in charge of subsectors, and Low Houses were in charge of systems.
-That cluster of pocket empires in Dulinor’s safe? That is the remnants of the majority of Houses which have now settled into an uneasy peace.

Uplifts/Altrants from Clement are also part of it. I’m a big fan of transhuman stuff without going full Mindscape but they’ve been added to more and more of my ideas. I think Clement did some good stuff with them and will roll with it. Take in the Sentient Starship/Frame stuff from Mindjammer…

So I did some doodling and shrinking and brainstorming over a couple of hours and ended up with this. So here is the rough sketch of my new ATU which I will likely never play/run anything in because it’s only interesting to me ;-) But it’s fun and something to monkey around with this winter.

[Big thanks to Stellar Reaches for this awesome map!]
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