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TWILIGHT: 2000 Discussion of the original Twilight: 2000 from GDW.

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Old April 13th, 2018, 12:35 PM
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Default Thoughts on Twilight 2000

I have been spending some time looking again at Twilight 2000, including buying three of the online modules at DriveThru: Gateway to the Spanish Main, Korean Peninsula Sourcebook, and the East African Sourcebook. I bought the module Gateway to the Spanish Main when it came out and then bought Twilight 2000 to see how it worked. I am a sucker for ships, including sailing ships. (See my Horatio Hornblower collection along with others.)

In looking at some of the other modules, I keep thinking that there was some wishful thinking when it came to nuclear weapon targets, primarily New London and New York. Given that Groton, Connecticut, right across the river from New London, is one of the two yards for building submarines in the U.S., and New London houses the Navy Sub School, those two places are going to be thoroughly clobbered in a nuclear exchange, with likely two warheads on each. Then you do have the problem of fallout from weapons hitting New York. Several high-yeild weapons are going to hit New York, probably leveling most of it, and leaving it pretty hot as well.

Texas is target-rich as well, and given the one of the attack scenarios covered in the OTA study, The Effects of Nuclear War, which can be downloaded here,, the refineries are going to be hit quite hard. Also, all of your major ports are going to be hit, both here and in Europe, so that would make problems for a some of the other modules. Aircraft assembly plants and shipyards, in the U.S., primarily building naval vessels, will be hammered as well. It is hard to say if Diego Garcia would be hit, but if for game purposes it was not, there would be an immense amount of equipment that would be there in the pre-positioned ships and warehoused on the island.

The interesting thing is that South America probably would be pretty much unscathed, along with Africa, and Australia and New Zealand would also not be hit. Brazil would be a source for ammunition and some spare parts, along with Australia. It is hard to say how much Japan would be hit, but their problem would be fuel and food, otherwise, they would be another source of supply, albeit a ways away from most other places. All this would place some emphasis on shipping, which is not really touched on in the game. I do have some interest in ships and shipping.
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