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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old October 18th, 2003, 03:42 PM
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Springing from a discussion here (page 4 actually), I've come up with the following Inflatable Lifeboat. The general design rules are:

1 - Hull - Using a standard flattened sphere hull as the base form it is constructed of a modified Hoberman Sphere. The hull is built of the frame and flexible covering with an expanding alloy foam to inflate and rigidize the hull when deployed. Cost for the hull is calculated as double, before the standard design discount. The hull is 10.0dT when deployed but only 5.0dT when collapsed. It can not be deflated once deployed.

2 - Helm - A standard small craft helm is included but built to be folded to half volume. This doubles the base cost. It includes two crew seats and a small airlock/fresher.

3 - Computer - Only the basic Model 0 (a MTU rule) is provided. Cost and volume are subsumed in the normal helm. This includes a very basic computer and avionics package with limited sensors and comms.

4 - Engineering - A 2g thruster and small dedicated fusion powerplant are included. Also built to be stored in half the normal space they are not serviceable while stored but are built to be maintenance free until initiated. Costs are double. Fuel tankage is good for 4 weeks but is empty and collapsed until deployed, at which time it is filled by siphon from the main ship's tank.

5 - Passengers - Again built to collapse to half volume the ship can seat 8 in comfort once deployed, at double the cost of normal seats.

6 - Cargo - An allowance of 1.0dT is made for survival gear. This may include up to 0.5dT included when the lifeboat is ordered and installed, with the other 0.5dT available once it is deployed. Optionally the crew and passengers can just load up to 1.0dT when the lifeboat is deployed. The cost of any included and stored gear is not included and must be provided at the time of order.

One such lifeboat station (5.0dT) is included per 1,000dT of ship, in all standard Imperial designs, adjacent to the hull and handy to the crew and/or passengers. The lifeboat itself must be purchased separately. Once deployed the lifeboat cannot be reinstalled and must be replaced. The station may be used for other purposes if empty. It is often used as an additional, large, ship's locker.

The lifeboat inflates and deploys attached by it's airlock for access. Inflation and powerup takes less than a minute and is totally automatic with the push of the local button or computer command once the safety interlock is released remotely or manually.

Sanitary facilities are primitive and room to stretch your legs nearly nonexistent if full or doubled up. The best option is to make a habitable planet-fall and use the ship as a shelter till rescue.

The lifeboat includeds a standard ELT that should run indefinitely, squawking GK for rescuers to home in on.

Inflatable Lifeboat - TL9

Hull +10.0T Mcr 1.4
Flattened Sphere - fully streamlined once deployed.

Helm -4.0T Mcr 0.2
Seats 2 crew and includes small airlock/fresher once deployed.

Eng. -0.9T Mcr 3.0
2G drive and powerplant, fuel 0.2T once deployed good for 4 weeks

Seats -4.0T Mcr 0.4
Seats 8 in comfort, double capacity possible but cramped.

Hold -1.0T
May inlcude up to 0.5T of nonperishables at time of order if purchased separately. No access until deployed.

Final cost after discount is Mcr 4.0 and time for delivery from order at any class A or B starport is 5 weeks. Ready to install Lifeboats may be available but will not include preinstalled survival gear in the hold. Replacing or installing in the station will take one day.

Used models may also be available, often at less than half the new cost and may be in service as cheap orbital taxis, especially in class C starport, and lower, systems.

So, as always... comments [img]smile.gif[/img] critiques flames [img]graemlins/file_23.gif[/img]
Dan "far-trader" Burns

Original material in this post may be employed for personal non-profit use with the origin noted. Any other use is subject to permission from the author. Contact me through the private message feature of this board.

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