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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old March 9th, 2017, 11:26 PM
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Default 300-ton stretched refitted Free Trader

OK, this is a first design under MgT for me, so comments and constructive critique welcome

I was thinking that the usual 'bog-standard' ships that PCs tend to blunder about in fall into one of three main designs: Free trader, Far Trader, and Subsidised (Fat) Trader. That's not much choice, with nothing between the 200 and 400 ton options. There have been a few 300-ton jobs knocking around, but they never really took my attention, Then I got to thinking; if they can IRL make shortened and stretched versions of the Boeing 747, why not starships in Traveller?

"Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the prototype of the Product-Improved Type AB-300 Free Trader. LSP has stretched the body to increase capability, improved performance with a Jump-2 capability, beefed up the crew and passenger complement, and still designed a ship that can be a decent workhorse in the Tramp Freight community, while incorporating all the new safety requirements that the Imperial Aerospace Authority requires on new-build starships (survival pods, in short!)"

Basically, it's a speculative cargo ship, slightly under-cargo, but still (I think) capable of turning a reasonably intelligent profit. For those places that are a bit out of the way and ever so slightly dodgy, the current (PC) owner has managed to upgrade the avionics to include a military package.

Comments, observations, and suggestions welcome

Stretched Free Trader, class AB-300
													Tons	Price (Cr)
Hull			300 tons		Hull 6								 13,200,000
			Streamlined		Structure 6
Armour			Crystaliron		8 points						 30	  5,280,000
Jump Drive C					Jump 2							 20	 30,000,000
Manoeuvre Drive C				Thrust 2						  5	 12,000,000
Power Plant C												 10	 24,000,000
Bridge													 20	  1,500,000
Computer		Model 3 bis/fib		Rating 15 (20 for Jump control)					  4,000,000

Electronics		Basic Military		DM +0							  2	    100,000

Weapons			Hardpoint #1		Triple Turret (Sandcaster/Particle Weapon/Missile Rack)	  1	  5,000,000
			Hardpoint #2		Triple Turret (Sandcaster/Particle Weapon/Missile Rack)	  1	  5,000,000
			Hardpoint #3		Triple Turret (Sandcaster/Particle Weapon/Missile Rack)	  1	  5,000,000

Fuel			36 tons, sufficient for one jump-2 and two weeks of operations			 36
Cargo 82 tons												 82

Staterooms etc
			8 x Crew staterooms,								 32	  4,000,000
			8 High/Mid passenger Staterooms							 32	  4,000,000
			10 x Low berths									  5	    500,000

Crew:			Pilot (Captain)
			Navigator (Astrogator)
			Gunner / Cargo Hand
			Gunner / Cargo Hand
			Gunner / Cargo Hand

Extras			2 x Fuel Processors								  2 	     10,000
			Escape Pods x 16								  8	  1,600,000
			Air/raft									  4	    275,000	
			Ship’s Locker										 
			Luxuries package x 3 (DM +3 steward for passenger purposes)			  3	    300,000
			ARSENAL - 36 x Smart Missiles (in 3 x Missile Rack reload crates) (1d6 damage)	  3	     90,000
			ARSENAL - 60 x Sandcaster reloads (in 3 x crates of 20 barrels)			  3	     30,000

Software		Manoeuvre / 0		Rating 0	 						  
			Library / 0		Rating 0	 						  
			Intellect		Rating 10	 						  1,000,000
			Jump Control / 2	Rating 10	 						    200,000
			Evade / 2		Rating 15	 						  2,000,000
			Fire Control / 3	Rating 10	 						  6,000,000
			Auto Repair / 1		Rating 10	 						  5,000,000

Maintenance Cost (Monthly)											    130,085
Life Support Cost (Monthly)											     33,000
Total tonnage and cost											300	130,085,000

Roger's Land Grabs

Knight of Deneb, Reft 3030 Rampart A434200-F
Knight of Deneb, Spin 2124 Lunion A995984-D
Baron Burtson, Spin 2534 Burtson C562667-8
Vicount Extolay, Spin 1711 Extolay B55589A-A
Count Lunion, Spin 2124 Lunion A995984-D
MCG (Extolay), FFW Medal, CCM (1), OSM (3), ISM (10 Years), Wound badge
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