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Old August 22nd, 2005, 06:05 AM
veltyen veltyen is offline
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veltyen Citizen

It looks like the time for another competition. I've had a thought about an extended deckplan contest for that most useful plot element in any game - Star Mercs.

The defining feature of a Star Merc formation is the fact that the Unit has its own wheels. So the task will be to design a mercenary company and appropriate vessels. The limitation will either be 1000dTon of starships or one gigacredit or possibly both. That should be enough to feild a sizable force which will need to be carried in entirety onboard the vessels designed. The limitations aren't decided on yet, but are probably alone the lines of the above.

To start with however we need to come up with some goal criteria. I was thinking a list of missions that a starmerc company might be hired for, specifically a set of missions to be thrashed out here.

A simple outline of what may be a good start:

A name so we know what to refer too.

A brief rundown on what may be required

Selection Criteria
A list of what the company needs to fulfil the minimum criteria, as well as what may be considered beneficial

For example using the Bryans previous merc competition:

Insurgency Support
A state on a balkanized world is having problems with an unpopular monarch. Currently a police state with the ruler being particularily unpleasant. There is a potential alternative noble to take the place of the current ruler, this alternative is believed to have widespread popular support. A group of merchantile concerns is willing to underwright an undertaking to arrange this change of the head of state. Initial mission pays quite well, with expected continuing employment if successful. State is of only moderate technology level (TAS rating 6) but with imported weaponry for palace guard. As both factions support continued imperial membership the Imperium is unlikely to interfere.

Selection Criteria
  • Moderate ground forces required</font>
  • Extensive ground forces (bonus)</font>
  • Space weaponry use limited due to the balkanized status of the planet</font>
  • Jump 2 is needed as the place is a backwater. Jump 3 and 4 considered beneficial.</font>
  • Air is breathable. No special life support requirements.</font>
  • Simple suplies (food + water and simple devices) provided at destination. Higher TL devices must have their own spares or will quickly become nonworking.</font>
  • Additional small arms may be useful (bonus)</font>
  • Militia Liason specialists (bonus)</font>
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