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Old June 22nd, 2013, 03:34 PM
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Default X-9 Secret Agent Corrigan

I've discovered a taste for newspaper strips. To my surprise, the ones I've read to date* are extremely good--great stories told.

Now, I've discovered a new series of strips that, quite frankly, blow me away. Fantastic art. Great, pulpy, adventure stories.

X-9 Secret Agent Corrigan

I had never heard of Corrigan before. I discovered the book while browsing around Amazon. I bought the first collection because I've always loved Al Williamson's gritty, realistic style. I mean, his stuff remains some of the best art of this type I've ever seen.

The second thing I like about comics and strips is that they can be used as a gaming resource. Many of the stories will give a Ref everything he needs to create an adventure--everythign except the mechanics. The Ref picks the game of his choice, then adapts the story for a session with hsi friends.

Take the second story in the first X-9 collection as an example. The Ref can use d20 Modern, Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes, Top Secret/S.I., the James Bond RPG, or any of a whole host of other games.

Plus, the Ref can use the story as a starting point. Maybe he wants to play a game set in the modern era. No problem. The protagonists in the story are mercenaries working for a Private Military Company. Or, the Ref may want to tune the story more towards a CIA/Secret Agent in the vein of Jason Bourne, James Bond, or Mission Impossible.

Or, maybe the Ref has got Black & White images in his head of Humphrey Bogart and Robert Mitchum....

Or, even, take the base story, and with a few changes, it becomes an adventure in a Traveller Game--maybe one with a Blade Runner feel.

So, the story I just finished reading is an adventure tale, ripe for transformation into an RPG. Basically, what happens is Agent Corrigan (who is a James Bond-ish FBI agent in the strips) follows up a lead about a fugtive. Taking the bad guy into custody, they find that the dude was trying to get out of the country with plane reservations to Solera, a Bananna Republic in the Caribbean.

Intel reports that another wanted bad guy on the lamb washed up on the beaches of Solera in the last few days. Too much of a coincidence? The FBI thinks so, and X-9 is sent to Solara, posing as the bad guy that they had just captured.

In Solara, X-9, as the bad guy, meets up with a dirty local police commander, and the mission goes sideways when Corrigan figures out, quite early, the "thing". The crooked Solara policeman is teamed up with another baddie, mining and smuggling gold from a secret gold mine in the jungle!

The bad guys need workers for the mine, so they've set up a scam where other bad guys on the lamb pay them to help them get lost. But, when the paying bad guys show up, they are forced into slave labor in the gold mine!

How's that for a pulpy, adventurous tale!

So...Corrigan, still under cover as a bad guy, finds himself captured and forced to work in the mine....where some bad guys from his past recognize him as a Federal Agent.

The rest of the story sees Corrigan trying to survive in the mine with the other slave labor baddies who could blow his cover. There is a big escape from the mine, and the story ends with an exciting chase through the jungle, bullets zipping by as Corrigan runs.

1. This is a great read, if you like this sort of pulpy stuff the way I do. Williamson's realistic art really pulls you into the story.

2. Pick your game of choice. The first Corrigan collection will give you several ideas for a noir-ish, adventure romp all over the world.

3. It's interesting that Dashiell Hammet actually invented the character in 1936!

4. You can buy the first volume of the collection HERE.

Even if you don't use the strips as a gaming resource, I highly recommend X-9 to feed your desire for good adventure stories.

*I highly recommend the two other strip collections I've read: James Bond and Star Trek. Both are excellent.
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