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Adventurers Tell us your Traveller character stats, skills, and details.

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Old November 3rd, 2002, 08:24 PM
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reposting from my TML friend Larsen Whipsnade:
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Hey Kids, do you know what time it is? (cue the music...)

"It's PC Contest time!
It's PC Contest time!
Let's see your PCs time!
And post those NPCs,
we'll want to see them too!"

That's right TMLers, COTI-ers, and Traveller Fans of all ages! It's
Starting at you local midnight tonight, 3 NOV 2002, you can all begin
posting those wild and wacky PCs and NPCs! Posting will be open for two
whole weeks until your local midnight, 17 NOV 2002! After that, we'll all
vote! WOO-HOO!
But, Larsen you old reprobate, you ask, whatever shall I post?
Why it couldn't be more simple! Even I'LL be able to do it!
Just create a PC/NPC or two using ANY of Our Olde Game's many
It's that simple! Then lovingly detail that PC/NPC and share the results
with us all!
Joy! Rapture! You exclaim!
That's right, it's that simple. Pick a chargen, create a PC/NPC and
add all those quirky little details that make them so special. Does she
shave her head? Tell us! Always wear purple socks? Pray tell! Have an
allergy to Denebian shellfish? Let us know!
Add a biography too! Where did they grow up? What kind of an
education did they have? Were they taught how to dance by having knives
thrown at their feet? We want to know it all!
Spill all the beans about your PC/NPC! Birthmarks! Scars! Are those
eyes for real? What's with the cheese fetish? Leave nothing out!
Use ANY chargen too! Seeing that T20 has hit the shelves, how about
entry created from that system? How about TNE? Or T4? Or even those
homebrewed rules your group has been using? Use 'em all and share with the
This year, we're looking for details, not quantities. Lavish all that
effort on an entry or three, and not a couple dozen.
For those interested in reviewing the carnage, jump on over to:
Traveller Central TML archive

If you have a PC or NPC and your brave/crazy/foolish enough to get involved, you can get on the TML and post it, or post your entry here with a statement allowing it to be reposted on TML. I'll pass such posts off to Larsen. Last time I looked they already had a very interesting biography on a Mr. Wu, or was it Mr Hu? I don't recall. Anyway, if you ever need a cybernetic bartender, Mr. Wu is the man to look up

I would love to see someone start a similar style contest here at COTI.
That would be fun! Anyone interested in such an affair?
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