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Old July 27th, 2019, 10:56 PM
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Default Extended System Generation Questions (TNE Core)

I'm working on creating some systems, and ran into questions when I hit the Extended System Generation starting on page 192, even with the errata from FFE.

I first went through the UWP Generation for the mainworld, and created the following world:
A535453-A N - G903

Running it through the Collapse, it became:
X535000-0 - - G003

Since this is clearly a world that would be of interest for salvage, I wanted to generate the full system. In step 3, I got a binary system, and steps 4-6 generated a primary star of M5V and a companion star of M0V. The companion wound up in Orbit 8. This is where I start having questions.

Going to Step 11, it mentions rolling maximum orbits for the primary and for far companions, but not for near companions. I rolled 5 available orbits for the primary and didn't roll for the companion.

Step 12 mentions that available orbits are 0-4 Between B and A, 10+ for Beyond B, and 0-4 for B Itself.

Per the Orbit Zones tables, the M5V is Outer for all orbits, and the M0V companion is H for Orbit 0 and O for all other orbits. The orbits go to 13, so I think this means I have orbits 0-4 for A, 0-4 for B, and 10-13 for the outer system to place 5 planets. Is this accurate?

From the UWP creation, I know there are 3 gas giants and 0 planetoid belts, so I skip steps 21 & 22.

Step 23 confuses me. I have 14 orbits to place 5 planets (I think), so there's no point in rolling for empty orbits.

For Step 24, I roll a captured planet, get 1 captured planet, and it's in orbit 1.9. How can I tell if this is around A or B?

For Step 25, I would throw 2d6-3 three times to place the Gas Giants, but given my available orbits are 0-4 and 10+ (the latter of which is impossible on 2d6-3), only rolls of 7 or less will give me a possible orbit. It also doesn't help me determine which star it goes around.

Step 27 says to place the mainworld randomly, and with Atmosphere 3, special requirement 1 doesn't apply. Is there a process for random placement?

Step 28 says all orbits should be filled. How does that mesh with the random number of filled orbits generated in Step 11?

Thanks in advance for any assistance (either additional errata or answers in this thread) that can be provided.
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