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Old December 30th, 2018, 03:47 PM
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Default English Civil War Small Arms for TL 2 worlds

I recently acquired some books on the English Civil War that had enough information to piece together FF&S statistics for firearms. They were highly transitional, with matchlocks and snaphances serving together, so while there are six main categories of gun, the combination of lock and style mean there are fourteen sets of statistics. I'll start with the biggest and work down. All of the reload stats are for paper cartridges. Firing with a measured charge and patched ball will add 1 to reload, and firing with a charge from a powder horn will also add one. Ammo costs do not include the discount for bulk manufacture.

Matchlock Musket: Wt 7.08 kg, Mag 1i, Reload 7, Dam 3, Pen 1-Nil, Blk 12, SS 2, Rng 36, Cost 480cr, Ammo cost 3.12cr
Wheel Lock Musket: Change Wt to 7.38 kg, Reload to 6, Cost to 550cr
Snaphance Musket: Change Wt to 7.28 kg, Reload to 5, Cost to 650cr

Matchlock Caliver: Wt 6.16 kg, Mag 1i, Reload 5, Dam 3, Pen Nil, Blk 10, SS 2, Rng 33, Cost 390cr, Ammo cost 2.32cr
Wheel Lock Caliver: Change Wt to 6.46 kg, Reload to 4, Cost to 460cr
Snaphance Caliver: Change Wt to 6.36 kg, Reload to 3, Cost to 560cr

Wheel Lock Harquebus: Wt 4.42 kg, Mag 1i, Reload 3, Dam 2, Pen Nil, Blk 7, SS 2, Rng 21, Cost 353cr, Ammo cost 1.65cr
Snaphance Harquebus: Change Wt to 4.32 kg, Reload to 2, Cost to 453cr

Wheel Lock Petronell: Wt 4.41 kg, Mag 1i, Reload 3, Dam 2, Pen Nil, Blk 7, SS 1, Rng 20, Cost 353cr, Ammo cost 1.16cr
Snaphance Petronell: Change Wt to 4.31 kg, Reload to 2, Cost to 453cr

Wheel Lock Horse Pistol: Wt 2.41 kg, Mag 1i, Reload 3, Dam 2, Pen Nil, Blk 3, SS 2, Rng 4, Cost 248cr, Ammo cost 1.40cr
Snaphance Horse Pistol: Change Wt to 2.31 kg, Reload to 2, Cost to 348cr

Wheel Lock Cuirassier Pistol: Wt 3.01 kg, Mag 1i, Reload 3, Dam 2, Pen Nil, Blk 4, SS 1, Rng 4, Cost 308cr, Ammo cost 1.04cr
Snaphance Cuirassier Pistol: Change Wt to 2.91 kg, Reload to 2, Cost to 408cr

The harquebus and petronell are cavalry longarms built with carbine stocks. The harquebus was 17 bore (16.50mm) and the petronell 24 bore (14.70mm). The horse pistol is 20 bore (15.63mm) and the cuirassier pistol is a long-barreled 36 bore (12.85mm); in fact, the cuirassier pistol's barrel is only 10cm shorter than the harquebus or petronell. The musket and caliver are both 12 bore (18.53mm), but the caliver has a shorter barrel and lighter powder charge.

Most infantry will have twelve prepared charges (+1 reload) but will have to switch to loose powder after that (+2 reload). The powder charges for these are enormous by modern standards, ranging from 130 grains for the cuirassier pistols to 390 grains for the musket.
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