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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old July 1st, 2004, 10:32 AM
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Hello Folks,
As an ongoing project, I am working on research of sorts regarding naval forces within the Spinward Marches. The task is a somewhat daunting one in that I'm running into areas that are not too well defined (in my eyes at least). Unfortunately, there are other issues at hand that make this a difficult task - which includes problems with canon information, lack of information, and even contradictory information. As such - I am working on trying to bull my way through that haze and create something (with the help of others) that makes sense and is useful for anyone else who might desire that level of detail.
If you go to
you will find a button leading to my Lunion subsector map. If you click on any given star, you will get in general, mostly data on individual main worlds as per the original Traveller Spinward Marches Supplement. I will make no bones about the fact that certain things are not "canon" with regards to certain worlds. I am changing those things that bug the living hell out of me. In general however, I'm trying to keep population numbers valid, tech levels valid, and so forth.
For those who look at the information, you will see a line that reads "Per capita income" along with "Modified GDP". These two lines are based on GURPS FAR TRADER that is given based not only on the original rules for determining Gross Domestic Product - but also on the exchange rates given in GURPS FAR TRADER. What this does is gives each planet's gross domestic product in Imperial Credits (CrImps). If the Per capita income doesn't seem all that high - bear in mind that in addition to being based on factors within the world such as the tech level and such - it is also based on the exchange rate. The PCI is in fact, calculated in Imperial Credit values.
What do I intend to do with all this information? Why, use it for budgeting of course! [img]smile.gif[/img]
This is where you all come in. Canon lists the following fleet structures either in High Guard, Megatraveller's REBELLION, or in JTAS #9 "WAR" issue. If people have access to any information from Challenge magazines for example, or have ideas they think might help - this is the place to speak up

Imperial Navy - Regular Navy as mentioned in the WAR issue of JTAS. This is the fleet that is charged with the defense of the Imperium outright. It is also intended to be kept together during times of peace to facilitate rapid response fleet movements in the event of an attack by the Zhodani forces. By definition, the Imperial navy is answerable only to the central ruling Imperium.

Subsector Navies - these are so called local province navies (source: High Guard pg 1) who are responsible for patroling their subsectors (source: HG pg 2)

Planetary Navies - These are relatively self-explanitory in the sense that they are raised by individual worlds for the express purpose of defending the world.

As there isn't all that much information available on funding, and since Marc Miller has ruled out the rules from either of TRILLION CREDIT SQUADRON and/or STRIKER, it behoves me to develop my own funding scheme. Since I would like to keep this scheme more or less "realistic", I've had to settle upon the use of "Gross Domestic Product" along with general taxation rates. Military spending is a function of a given percentage of any given world's Gross Domestic Product. Taxation of member worlds provides the subsector commander with his/her/its budget for which a portion is allocated towards Military spending/funding. The Imperial budget of course, comes from treaties made with the world in question such that they provide the Imperium with a geld permitting the Imperium to function. From that tax, the Imperials allocate their funds towards military spending with the rest of course being used to pay for governmental expenses including salaries, equipment funding, etc.

It is my hope that I can create a general picture of funding such that GM's can decide whether to utilize the "universe" provided or tweak it to suit themselves. My project will also hopefully clarify certain issues regarding canon with regards to Traveller. For instance, Marc Miller mentions Colonial Fleets in his War issue of JTAS (#9 to be precise). The odd thing is? He describes Colonial fleets as being locally funded and locally manned - by PLANETS.

Are colonial fleets raised by specific homeworlds or are they raised by subsectors? Is it possible that Colonial Fleets are actually both? That for worlds that raise a fleet specifically, they are named for the world that raised them. For colonial fleets that are NOT raised by any one specific world, they are subsector fleets?

That's it for now, I'm sure I will be hitting people with other thoughts and ideas as time progresses. But for now, I'm looking to get the ball rolling and to get my web site "officially live" instead of "not officially online". As to when it goes officially online? [img]smile.gif[/img] It goes officially online once I start the Piracy Play by Email game. Incidentally? The piracy issue will in general, depend on how I am able to define the fleet structure for the subsector navy of Lunion. For it will be the subsector Navy of Lunion that is going to be charged with the anti-piracy suppression mission.

One last comment. If you note, there will be a downloads page. On that page, it is my intention to make available the excel spreadsheet that I used to calculate values if at all possible. This way, people can do their own tweaking with the numbers I provide [img]smile.gif[/img]
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