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Old December 16th, 2017, 10:45 AM
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Default The Draft in the Third Imperium

I wish I had bookmarked the post. Right here on this forum Marc Miller, in talking about Classic Traveller's world creation system, described how he enjoyed looking at the results of his dice rolls and then trying to reason out how the world developed into what was indicated by the dice.

I enjoy that, too. Immensely.

Classic Traveller is replete with that sort of thing. Interpolation. LKW touches on it in his famous JTAS advice on creating new weapons for CT (where, in the article, LKW creates a laser pistol by interpolating from what is already provided in the game).

What can we surmise from the roll indicated to revive a character from low berth? The throw is 5+. You get a +1 DM if you have Medical 2+. You get a -1 DM if the character has END 6-.

What does this say? A few things.

First, it says that Low Berth technology is not that high. It's a risky business, and one would wonder why it is legal at all. But, it is legal. So, that says something about interstellar law in the Third Imperium.

Second, it says that these low berths do not require special training to operate. Anybody can do it. This is indicated by the 5+ throw that any character can make. He doesn't need any special expertise. There's no EDU bonus, so higher education makes no difference on this throw. That says to me: The process to revive a character from low berth is pretty much automated. The controls must be clearly marked. Roll 5+, and you succeed.

In fact, Medical know-how doesn't really help--another indicated that the process is automated. There might just be a big blue button that says, "Push This To Revive Person." If you've got Medical-1, which is probably about the equivalent of a nurse or an EMT, your knowledge and experience doesn't improve your chance anymore than the grease-monkey mechanic who knows nothing about medicine.

Medical-2, which I would guess is equivalent expertise to a senior critical care nurse, a physician's assistant, or a full blown doctor who has not finished his residency, does give you a significant pop to the 5+ throw. The difference in throwing 5+ and 4+ is somewhere around 9%.

What does that say? It says that a senior medical health-giver can do something to the automated controls to improve the low berther's odds of revival. But, an other Medical expertise does not provide any more benefit. A top notch brain surgeon doesn't get any more benefit by his vast Medical expertise than does the emergency room nurse.

What we can interpolate is that the low berth is (A.) mostly automated, (B.) but does have some sort of fine tuning mechanism that requires extensive medical training to use successfully.

So, now we have a big blue button, with the words, "Press This to Revive," above it. And, there is a sealed cover over some fine-tuning controls that can be accessed and used by a person with serious, Medical-2, expertise.

And, finally, we can say that a (C.) person's physical condition should be at least human average, with END 7+, in order to withstand the strain the body must go through in being lowered into suspended animation and then revived.

Plus, even with all factors of maximum benefit, the process of entering cold sleep and being revived is still quite dangerous. With a healthy low berther (END 7+) and a qualified medical technician (Medical-2), the chances of survival are 3+, or 97%.

97% sounds high, but the character is gambling with his life. Flipping the chance, it's a 3% chance of death.

Still a risky proposition.
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