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Old February 26th, 2019, 10:34 AM
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Default Laboratory Ship benefit

I recently made up a character for Ben Forest's MgT2 game at Dreamation (Morristown, NJ). His guidance was just 4-5 terms and make sure the last one is Scout. The convention blurb for his adventure mentioned Andor / Five Sisters (Spinward Marches 0236 / C695735-9).

I made a fantastic "spoiler" character, tailor-suited for the adventure: four terms of Scholar and then one term of Scout. Maybe I'll post him later.

I wasn't entirely sure what to do about benefits rolls, as I understood that Ben wanted us to be currently in the Scouts. Did that mean that I didn't get my final benefit roll, as I hadn't actually mustered out? I took the benefit roll and figured Ben could always say no later (turns out, he didn't care either way).

I rolled a lab ship. Cool! (In retrospect, I might have received it from one of my Scholar benefits, actually.) While I realized that we'd need J-3 or at least a ship capable of multiple jumps without refueling to reach Andor, it was still neat to imagine my character owning this lab ship.

Then I started computing the monthly costs. These things are very expensive. I had 25% share in it, and it was a sort of "beat up" ship with three rolls on the "Old Ship problems" table, which ultimately increased its maintenance costs by a factor of three.

In the end, I calculated that my combined mortgage + maintenance costs were around 711,000 Cr.

If I received it at the end of my Scholar / Field Researcher career (3 terms of Scientist, 1 term of Field Researcher, after University with Honors), then I was probably paying the mortgage for four years while it sat in dry dock. I gave myself a 25% "equity" in the ship and imagined a sort of reverse mortgage where I paid off the ship costs with the equity.

At the start of the game, I'd have only a few months before the bank totally repossessed the ship!

Even so, I can't imagine how I'd ever pay for the thing. Are there science-related Traveller jobs that are gonna pay more than 711,000 Cr per month? How do people make that work?

Let's say I hadn't joined the Scouts, and left the Field Researcher career with 25% share in that ship. Could I have reduced the finance cost of the ship by 25%, divided by 48 or whatever, and gotten a reduced mortgage payment? Even so, it would have been around 450KCr/mo. Better, but still pretty daunting.

How do people handle stuff like this?
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