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T4 - Marc Miller's Traveller Discussion of T4 - Marc Miller's Traveller from Imperium Games and the Milieu 0 setting.

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Old October 10th, 2018, 11:06 AM
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Default T4 Experience Points -- raising characteristics and skills

As I'm gearing up to start a new T4 campaign, I've been giving some thought to the experience points system. I understand this is not a particularly popular topic within Traveller. But I think at least some sort of quantitative system should be in place for a character's self-improvement.

I also understand Traveller, over its incarnations, has been somewhat conservative in allowing characters to grow in this manner, and certainly isn't interested in characters rocketing through skill levels like they do in D&D. But perhaps I have had a couple of ideas that would strike a happy medium between complete stagnation and sending the character's rolls through the roof.

In the T4 rulebook, it talks about typically a Referee awarding a single experience point for succeeding though an adventure. And, perhaps, the Referee might award a second experience point to a particular player for outstanding role-playing and contributions during the game.

From there the rulebook talks about spending an experience point, and rolling a dice to see if your skill level improves. I'd like to suggest an alternate idea.

To raise a skill level, or characteristic, a character must already possess the previous skill level, or characteristic, and spend a number of experience points equal to the level they are trying to achieve.

For example, to raise the skill Pilot-2 to Pilot-3, the character must already possess Pilot-2, and must spend 3 experience points to raise it to Pilot-3. (Thus would probably have to succeed in three gaming adventures, before doing so.) To raise her skill level to Pilot-4, she would have to already possess Pilot-3, and spend an additional 4 experience points. Thus to raise her skill level from Pilot-2 to Pilot-4, it would take a total of 7 experience points, and have to been active in seven adventures.

The same would apply with characteristics. To raise a Dex-7 to Dex-9, a character would have to spend 8 experience to get her dexterity to Dex-8, then an additional 9 experience points to get it to Dex-9, for a total of 17 experience points, or 17 gaming sessions.

To raise her social standing from a Lady, (Soc-B,) to a Countess, (Soc-D,) it would take 12 experience points to rise to the level of a Baroness (Soc-C,) and 13 more experience points to rise to the level of a Countess (Soc-D,) for a total of 25 experience points.

What do you think? Is this a happy medium? After twenty-five adventures, is this enough to get the Moot's attention, and for them, and the Emperor, to act accordingly?

I personally am pretty satisfied with the rules as they are written about obtaining "everyman" skills. I'm still mulling around the idea of how to obtain a new skill the character doesn't already possess that requires a little more "technical expertise."
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