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In the OTU In the Official Traveller Universe. Any milieux that's been published in any edition. Not for discussion of rules except in reference to how they reflect the OTU

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Old June 13th, 2018, 09:11 PM
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Default Solomani Confederation Leadership

Three sources provide most of the limited details that we have about the leadership of the Solomani Confederation: (1) the DGP Aslan & Solomani for MT; (2) GURPS Traveller: Rim of Fire; and (3) the MGT Solomani alien module. A&S and RoF are set in roughly the same period (1120) but the former in the OTU, Rebellion timeline while RoF is in the GURPS ATU where the assassination of Emperor Strephon never occurs. MGT, set in 1105, is supposed to be canon so theoretically historical MGT information should be valid in the OTU and ATU timelines.

Clearly the divergent timelines (as well as "real world" issues with using DGP IP) result in changes to Confederation leadership. Glimpses of additional information on the ATU appear in a series of TNS bulletins that detail the slow breakup of the Confederation from 1120 to 1130 in that timeline.

Here's what I have compiled so far; are there canonical references I have missed?

Secretary General and Chairman of the High CouncilNoah Kwan (872-?)
Mohammed Weinberg (944?-?)
Sergio Bordoni (984-996?)
Lily Magruder (996?-1004?)
Ivan Wolfe (1004-1012)Ivan Wolfe (1004-1012)Ivan Wolfe (1004-1012)
Yuki Jung (1056?-1064?)
Osmond Salazar (1100-1108?)
Desmond Trinoch (1112?-1120+)Lin Peres (1112-1120)
Marc Chissano (1120-1122)
Jan Malikov (1122-)
SolSec CoordinatorRachel Zhang (984-1000?)
Juliet Chen (1105)
Ivar Maclaurin (1107-1115)
Marya Kibaki (1115-1119)
Enos Seyvarine (1120)Elias Treleven (1119-)
Minister of JusticeVera Ricasoli (1004)
Osmond Salazar (?)
Khalid O’Sullivan (1105)
Melena Cassender Timon (1120)Rabindranath Chan (?-1120)
Catherine Lesalle (1120?-)
Minister of EconomicsRegina Rogachova (1105)
Joshua Dahvin (1120)Joshua Dahvin (1120)
Minister of Foreign AffairsLily Magruder (984?-996?)
Heidi Lopez (1105)
Keir Angurung (1120)
Minister of GeneticsRyoko Skinner (1105)
Li Niao Kuei (1120)
Minister of Science and TechnologyYuki Jung (1041)
Jordan Azazi (1105)
Kathleen Ryan-Cox (1120)
Minister of InformationFeng Banerjee (1105)
Rabin Vindyasatva (1120)
Grand Admiral of the Combined FleetsShuki La Pierre (984-996?)
Elijah Drummond (1105)
Stavros Coronado (1120)Georgi Asatiani (1120)
General of the Massed Solomani ArmiesIvy Bergman (1105)
Renee Mugato (1120)

MGT Solomani provides the most detail on the mechanics of Confederation government, but these mesh well with S&A and RoF. The Solomani Party General Congress is held every four years. In the GURPS ATU, 1120 is a Congress year, which suggests that 1116, 1112, 1108, 1104, 1100, 1096, 1092, and so on were also Congress years. Per the Charter of Confederation, the Secretariat is expected to elect or confirm the Secretary General every four years, and generally does so about a month after each General Congress. We would expect the terms of Secretary Generals would generally line up with Congress years, but probably some Secretaries have died or been removed prematurely. The GURPS ATU depicts a constitutional crisis when one Secretary is forced from office in 1122.

Ivan Wolfe is the one of the few Secretary Generals whose entire term (1004-1012) is known; I have denoted educated guesses with a question mark. It appears two four-year terms are common, but at least three are possible: in the ATU Lin Peres declines to run in 1120 after serving since 1112. As a one-Party state, there's probably little pressure for term limits within the Confederation.

With this in mind we can infer the terms of many Secretary Generals; the various ministers are less reliable. While many probably enter and leave office at the same time as the Secretary General, as a one Party state (though one with multiple factions) there is less need to "clean house" when a new Secretary General takes office. For ministers, then, I have usually just denoted the year in which they are known to have held their office.

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