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Contact! Submit your favorite original Minor Alien Races for others to use in their own Traveller campaigns.

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Old May 12th, 2018, 03:45 PM
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Default The Asura

The Asura

The Asura are a ‘minor’ human race whose home world is rimward of the Storr sector (I haven’t given it an exact location yet). They are a Matriarchal society.

Approximately twenty-eight hundred years ago, as the ‘Rule of Man’ was hitting its stride, a handful of ships left the Terran Empire, and proceeded rimward in hopes of finding a habitable planet to colonize.

They eventually settled on a cold world (think northern Scandinavia). The environment was tough, but workable, and with some genetic manipulation, i.e. introduction, and production of natural chemicals that provided a protection against the extreme cold that periodically occurred on world. The result was a natural anti-freeze that was produced by the human body, and provided a much needed tolerance for the extreme cold. And a much lessened tolerance for heat! (‘Room’ temperature will see an Asuran sweating like a proverbial pig!)

These modifications were successful, though there are levels of success. As the mods took effect, more and more of the population began to take on a very pronounced ‘blue’ skin tone!

Asuran Society

Some time, almost eight hundred years ago, after several internecine conflicts between various political and religious groups, the male leaders were enticed, restricted, or forcibly banned, from leadership roles in political, military, and religious offices, or commands.

An Empress was installed as world leader. Over six hundred years has passed since any kind of ‘organized’ conflict, or warfare has occurred on planet or in the ‘Empire’.

Males had become ‘second class’ citizens, taking on more home based roles in society. Think women in the 1930’s to 1950’s. The current Empress is ‘progressive’, and working to ease the restrictions on males in the workplace. At best, it’s an arduous goal. Many of the current leaders think a ‘mans place is in the home’!

Crews of Asuran traders and exploration ships will be almost exclusively female, having somewhat misandristic (you learned a new word today!) and aggressive attitudes, with the odd steward or purser being male. Any male ships officers encountered, i.e. pilot, engineer, or navigator will most likely be a ‘foreigner’ (pink skin), and non-Asuran.

Asuran Technology

Generally accepted as TL-13, in computer, power generation, starship construction, and space sciences.
Asuran medical and life sciences tech is a very conservative TL-14, and rapidly approaching TL-15.

A capsule overview, that will be fleshed out as need arises.
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