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In My Traveller Universe Detail what parts of Traveller you do (or don't) use in your campaign.

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Old August 4th, 2018, 05:35 PM
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Default Character Background Bits

I enjoyed the expanded character background/event tables of Mongoose and similar flavored Traveller versions, and wanted something similar without having to build endless tables. So, I modified some other sources (going back all the way to a few OD&D house rules), and came up with this:

The character *may* choose to roll 2D6 at the end of creation, to obtain the following background data. Some results should be shared, some are obviously secret.
If the result is completely foreign to your concept, you may re-roll once.
Please note, details are left vague so that the player and GM may flesh them out as appropriate for the setting and story.

11 You spent time in jail with the player to your left.
12 You spent time in the military with the player to your right.
13 Your family disappeared on a colony planet/moon. What happened?
14 You were involved in a new system/colony development.
15 You were employed by a megacorp involved in some questionable activities, you took the fall when things became public.
16 You are wanted for a crime and have to hide your identity.
21 You are in possession of an alien artifact which you have kept hidden for years.
22 You know of a bounty secretly placed on the player across from you.
23 You're hunting a missing family member.
24 You're smuggling a data chip holding unknown information.
25 You have a high level criminal contact who owes you a favor.
26 You have a high level government contact who owes you a favor.
31 You are indebted to a crime lord.
32 You owe a high level government contact a favor.
33 You have a high level media contact who shares information with you.
34 You have been taken under the wing of someone high in your organization, on the fast track.
35 Someone in your organization has taken a dislike to you, you are a pariah.
36 You hold information that could blackmail someone powerful, and they will do anything to keep it quiet.
41 You are a deserter from the military or a work conscription.
42 You were abandoned on a colony/hostile world, and made it out through your wits and perseverance. Who do you hold responsible?
43 You displayed great heroism in battle or some crisis, becoming notorious in the process.
44 You acted (or were perceived as) cowardly or incompetent in a major event, sullying your reputation.
45 You gained an unexpected windfall through questionable means, multiply starting money by five.
46 You are bankrupt through bad luck and poor decisions. Halve your starting funds.
51 You spent 20 years adrift in a coldsleep lifeboat. All your family and friends have moved on or died. Pick another player who found you during a salvage claim.
52 Luck or newfound connections have moved you into high society, multiply starting money by 10. You have influence but this comes with social obligations.
53 You are tied into the criminal underworld and lower class. Society looks down on you, but you can find anything for the right price. Gain three items free with DM approval.
54 You are working undercover for a government or organization with secret goals.
55 You have your character skills, but complete amnesia about who you really are and how you learned them.
56 There is a hit out on you and you have no idea who the assassin is or why.
61 You escaped from a genetics lab run by a government or MegaCorp
62 You are the son/daughter of someone famous, and are dealing with living in their shadow.
63 A crisis of faith has led you to take ascetic/minimalist vows, while seeking to redeem yourself in the world.
64 Your prior unit/company has soared to great renown, and you can enjoy the associated accolades.
65 Your prior unit/company was closed in utter disgrace; any mention of involvement reflects poorly upon you.
66 You have acquired/adopted an alien life form (cat-sized or smaller) companion, with an intelligence equal to that of a monkey.
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